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MK Editors Picks: Hand Cream For Men

By now you’ve sorted your haircare, bodycare and skincare with our expert help. But one body part you’ve no doubt been neglecting within your male grooming adventures is your hands. Your hands are one of the hardest working parts of your body and keeping the skin on this area in tip top condition is crucial. Not only does keeping on top of your hand care make sure that they’re soft and supple, but you can keep your age even more of a secret by deterring the first signs of ageing on your hands with the right handcare regime. Discover more information about hand care for men here on the Mankind blog, to ensure that your paws stay youthful and protected no matter what your lifestyle.

Caring For Your Hands

Whether you work outdoors, or your hands are in constant use in an office environment, they will feel the brunt of any hard work no matter what the setting. It is said that after your face, your hands are the part of your body which people notice the most, so it really doesn’t make sense to neglect them. An average person washes their hands up to 10 times a day and this process of cleanliness alone can contribute to the premature aging of one of your most noticeable assets.

With this in mind, how can you keep your hands in top condition? Well, apart using some top hand care products from Mankind, you can also follow these simple tips to keep your hands in perfect shape.

Protect your hands from the elements

Wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands when working outdoors, or during colder weather. With rain, snow, hail and wind all wreaking havoc with your skin, the conditions can really effect the surface of your hands, especially when heading back indoors to a wonderfully heated home. Gloves are an essential for colder months.

Take your vitamins

Vitamins are not only essential for preventing illness and protecting your health from the inside-out, but they are also perfect for helping your hands to stay in peak condition. Especially when it comes to your nails – It’s not just the skin on your hands which can need a boost now and again. Topping up your Vitamin B and calcium can help to prevent your nails becoming cracked and brittle. But as always, check with a healthcare professional before adding any supplements to your diet.

Exfoliate your hands

Exfoliating your hands can help to regenerate the skin on the surface and improve blood circulation. Using a product such as The Method from Lancer Skincare on your hands, once a week, can remove dead skin cells and keep your hands looking youthful. Not to mention help to rid them of any calluses and hard skin caused by a repetitive, manual process such as lifting all of those weights at the gym.

Use the best hand creams for men

Men’s hands are not too different from females when it comes to the overall surface and texture. Of course, any differences will be influenced by lifestyle and social elements, but making sure you use the right hand cream will go a long way in to protecting and perfecting your hands no matter what your  gender or lifestyle!

Mankind Recommends

This selection of hand creams from some of our favourite brands are perfectly tailored to meet all of your needs. The scents, the ingredients and formulas are easy to use and absorb effortlessly in to your hands making hand care a breeze every day. Jack Black have developed their hand and cuticle with Macadamia Nut Oil to add an extra dimension of moisture, whilst Aesop’s aromatic hand balm continues to protect the surface of your skin after initial usage. If you’re worried your hands may already be showing the premature signs of ageing, then you could always invest in the Rejuvenating Hand Cream from Murad, which contains AHA to chemically exfoliate your skin and add a youthful glow to your hands.

Have you got your own method of looking after your hands?

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