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First Day Office Etiquette

Starting a new job can be a scary task, a lot of people feel unnerved going into a new environment and the first day of a new job can be daunting. You won’t be too familiar with the culture of your new business, and although you might have an idea, you want to play it safe for the first couple of days. We’ve got some office etiquette hints and tips that will hopefully make your first day go smoothly.

Don’t Be Late – Aim To Arrive Early

There is possibly nothing worse than arriving late on your first day. Aim to set off earlier and give yourself enough time. We think it’s good to find the nearest coffee shop and plan to get a coffee before work. It’s also worth test driving the route beforehand, just so you can plan your journey accordingly.

First Impressions Count

You’re going to meet a lot of new faces on your first day, and it’ll be difficult to remember everyone. Your first day is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself, as people in the office will be interested in new faces. If you are struggling for ideas for small talk, have a quick glance at your colleagues desk, and hopefully you’ll find something to initiate small talk.

Dress Smarter Than You Think

Getting the dress code right for any occasion can be tough, never mind unknown territory. On your first day dress smarter than you usually would, or mirror people you met at your interview. We wouldn’t recommend going too ‘out there’ with your fashion choices on your first day, leave that until you’re settled!

Bring In Your Lunch

It’s becoming more and more common to work through your lunch. You know what we mean, typing with one hand while you’re stuffing a sandwich in your mouth with the other, we’ve all been there. Bring lunch in on your first day to figure out the playing field, however make sure you’re prepared to go out for food, just in case your colleagues invite you.

Go Back To Basics: Make Notes

Probably the most simple and straightforward tip. Carry a notepad around with you and make notes of everything you get told. Whether that be job responsibilities, peoples names, or general information, make notes for future reference. It also shows how organised you are.

What are your tips for someone who is starting a new job? Let us know @Mankindcouk!



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