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How To Avoid A Receding Hairline

Naturally, many of us have to deal with hair loss as we age. More so men, than women, hair loss usually begins around the age of 36. Unfortunately, there’s a small number of men who loose their hair due to genetics, which can’t be controlled. However there’s another portion of us who have thinning hair and a receding hairline due to different factors such as stress and diet.

What Is A Receding Hairline?

A receding hairline is a type of hair loss most common in men where your hairline begins to thin. It often starts on the sides of the forehead and continues to thin, working from front to back. Caused by male pattern baldness, it leaves a bald patch on the top of the head.

Why Is A Receding Hairline Most Common In Men?

Men produce specific hormones called ‘Androgen’ and ‘Testosterone’, which both play a vital role in hair loss. Loosing your hair is based on how your body reacts to these hormones, and can both result in thinning hair, or even baldness. Male pattern baldness is due to shrinking of hair follicles, which makes your hair strands thinner. Eventually this can lead to hair loss, a receding hair line or even baldness. If your hair follicles are genetically inclined to react with androgen, unfortunately you’ll be more susceptible to loosing your hair.

In addition to this, the hormone testosterone can react with the enzyme 5-AR or 5-alpha reductase, which in turn affects hair growth, leading to thinning hair and even a receding hair line. Most hair thinning problems are inherited from your mum or dad, so if either of your parents have thin hair, chances are you’ll have a similar issue later on in life.

How To Avoid A Receding Hairline

Knowing the main causes of a receding hairline, will put you in a better position to know how to control it. We’ve already glanced over how you can be genetically determined to suffer from hair loss, so we’ll go through more of the elements you can directly effect to promote thick hair.

Manage Your Stress

Major stress in your life can actually cause up to 40% hair loss. Your body reacts to stressful events in different ways, however it can actually be a leading cause of thinning hair. Especially if it’s prolonged! Figure out a way to manage your stress levels and you’re on track to combating a receding hairline. We’ve got a couple of product recommendations that will help you creating a more calming atmosphere, so when you’ve had an unusually stressful day, we’ve got you covered.

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Eat Healthy

If you eat unhealthily, it’ll show in your hair. Not just your hair, we’re sure everyone has been a victim of overly oily skin after eating junk food. Ensure you get the right mix of vitamins to help with your overall well-being, however it’s good to have some vitamins that directly effect hair health.


If you style your hair daily, you could be causing your hair to thin prematurely. Most of us don’t realise how gentle we have to be, so if you’re pulling your hair into style, or combing it whilst wet can actually pull your hair out. We also know the ‘man bun’ has been a popular trend, however pulling your hair back can actually cause long term issues. To combat this issue, make sure you towel dry your hair before styling and use a wider toothed comb or brush if you have concerns of thinning hair. We’d also recommend not washing your hair daily, this allows your natural oils to build up and strengthen the hair.

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