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men-ü 3R Grooming: High Performance, Ultra Concentrate Refills

In this blog, we’ve given men-ü the chance to talk our readers through their incredible new initiative: 3R Grooming. Having redesigned their core grooming range to maximise reusability and minimise waste, this post takes you through all the ways their new packaging and product design is better than ever before.

A modern approach to formulating grooming products that are Ultra Concentrate, resulting in better performance, with up to 90% less packaging.

The men‐ü objective has always been to introduce men to quality grooming, with products that are different and make a difference. But above all else, we are about performance. In order to improve performance, we needed to look at products differently.

The first crucial way in which we are different is our Ultra Concentrate formulations, a key element of the men-ü brand for over 20 years. Honed for decades, men‐ü Ultra Concentrates have a high percentage of active ingredients, which means better performance, a greater number of applications, as well as much less packaging.

Now, we’re adding a completely new dimension to our approach. We are delighted to be launching men-ü refill packs on Mankind as part of 3R Grooming. Through it, we hope to shift the focus above and beyond recycling alone – after all, why just recycle, if you can also reduce and reuse? Welcome to the pioneering world of 3R Grooming.

3R Grooming – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Reduce with ultra concentration – men-ü ultra concentrates have a high percentage of active ingredients. This amounts to better results and up to 90% less packaging.
  • Reuse our pumps and overcaps – the men-ü locking pump prevents waste, and delivers the precise amount of product. Simply detach them when recycling your empty bottle, and use them with the same product refill.
  • Recycle much less – Our compact, refill packaging is easy to separate and recycle. The total weight of material recycled is only 21 grams for the 100ml refills and 44 grams for the 500ml shower tank refills.

3R Grooming in Action

So what does this mean in practice?

Take for example our men‐ü Shave Crème Ultra Concentrate. A 100ml bottle, using just one pump (0.5ml approx, 0.5g) per shave, provides up to 165 shaves. This is equivalent to approximately 3 x 200ml standard aerosol shaving gels, which use 3.5g of gel per shave.

If 2,084 men use 6 x 200ml aerosol shave gels in a year this yields over 1 TONNE (1,000kg) of packaging. This packaging typically combines metal and plastic, meaning that it is especially difficult to separate it in order to recycle correctly. If the same number of men use 2 x 100ml men‐ü ultra concentrate Shave Crème in the year, including one refill pack, this would yield less than 88kg of easily separated plastics. This means that using men-ü involves only 8.8% of the packaging, making the recycling process much more efficient. Read a more detailed explanation of this in our digital booklet.

Crucially, 3R Grooming in no way leads to us compromising on quality. Our Shave Crème uses minimal aeration, which ensures a little goes a long way, and does not detract from the effectiveness of the product. Only what is in contact with the skin and blade matters; everything else is wasted. What’s more, the Crème provides incredible slip for your blade, minimising friction and preventing irritation, as well as delivering moisturising effects to stop the skin from drying. Less resistance means fewer nicks and cuts, and a longer lasting blade. We’ve included some men‐ü Shave Crème reviews below, and you can take a look at more reviews here to see what our customers think.

men‐ü Refills

The new men‐ü ultra concentrate refills for shave, skin, hair and body are all available at an exceptional price at Mankind. Join the world of 3R Grooming by shopping now.



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