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Grooming Expert in Residence: Hair Styling and Tattoo Maintenance with John Turvey, ep. 3

This is the last instalment in our Grooming Expert in Residence Series featuring John Turvey from House 99. John’s expertise in grooming comes from years of experience working with some of the top brands in the industry, and we couldn’t let the opportunity to share his wealth of knowledge with our readers pass us by. Read episode 1 and episode 2, and make keep up to speed with the Mankind blog for more grooming know-how.

What can I do to get more volume out of my hair?

When it comes to Hair Styling, you should always start with a thoroughly clean head of hair.

Thickening shampoos not only cleanse the scalp and hair, but add volume by boosting your hair with ingredients often found in most styling products. Using heat is the best way to ensure the rest of your the products in your routine work effectively. Invest in a hairdryer, as this alone can thicken individual hair strands by as much as 40%.

Best of all, hair gel, applied to damp hair and blow-dried through, will give you amazing results that last.  Hair gel has  come a long way since the 80s,  with some of the best salon science now available to give your new hairstyle the biggest, boldest looks.

Using on wet hair and blow drying will result in a relatively natural finish, and to add more shape after the hair is dry, you can use a wax, or even more gel if you choose, to perfect the style.

Is there any way to prolong the life of my tattoos?

Absolutely! After the initial healing period using the medically prescribed cream, keeping your skin moisturised is essential to retaining the brightness, crispness, and sharpness of your tattoo design.

Easy to apply in a spray form, the Bold Statement tattoo spray by House 99 is a super-fine mist you spray directly over your tatt, and it quickly rubs in leaving no sticky film.  The moisture boosts up the pigment in the ink, bringing the look of your body art look its best. Most importantly, an SPF30 sunscreen is built in to prevent the sun from fading your artwork.  David Beckham created this one for himself, and if there’s a man who knows a thing about looking after tattoos it’s got to be him.

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