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Top Grooming Tips as given by Mankind Followers

Recently we ran an Instagram giveaway of products by our Brand of the Month for February, Jack Black. To enter, we asked our followers to tell us their top grooming tips. We were really impressed with the submissions, so we compiled them into this handy article.

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Grooming Tips

If you’re don’t have an eye balm or cream at your disposal…

“Green tea bags (warm not boiling) pressed into eyes helps to get rid of bags and freshens your eyes – great for after long nights out when you have to look fresh in the office.” – ojawilliams

On the lifestyle factor

“Moisturising and cleansing does make a difference but what you feed your skin is vital. A healthy diet and plenty of water is key.” – mlahki4

“Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water and regularly moisturising.” – wallygrom

“Staying hydrated really does make a difference to your skin – especially in winter months!” – mellondavina

“Drink more water and rest well!” – douglasfong

On Beards

“Mix a couple of drops of beard oil in with a small amount of moisturiser after cleansing for an instant 2 in 1 product” – ffoulkesie

“For those with any length of beard, you have to use some oil each day. Keep it smelling great and soft to the touch.” – sibs21

“Apply beard oil. Use a pea sized amount, keep the stray hairs intact, make sure it’s clean.” – baaaf459

“My partner always uses a good beard oil to make his beard look shiny and tame.” – brittigiuliana

“Beard oil! Keeps my beard soft, and smells good ???” – melldp85

“Understand how your beard grows so you can shape it properly! Nothing worse than catching a rouge hair in the trimmer! ✂️?✂️” – Competition Winner: joshua.liam.goddard

On Skin Care

“Finish your shower with a cold blast ? It wakes you up, closes your pores, and smoothes hair cuticles ?.” – totalritch

“Hydration, hydration hydration by combining a gel, cream and oil moisturiser for long lasting hydration and flawless looking ski.” – desertislandskin

“Moisturise – keep a moisturise next to the bed to quickly rub in before sleeping” – johnessharon

“Exfoliating once a week followed by an intense moisturiser keeps the skin flawless and soft.” – wasfield

“Keep your skin well moisturised, especially through Winter & use an SPF all year! Use good products and a good razor.” – elliotmocha96

“Oily skin still needs moisturising. Try any of the anti-shine moisturisers out there, not all will work great for you, if one doesn’t work try another until you find the best for you.” – andrewloades

“SPF all year round so invest in a good moisturiser.” – kellyjo_eats

On Lips

“Scrub lips with a new toothbrush and Vaseline to buff away dry lip skin.” – claire_harrill

On Shaving

“Always use a face scrub before shaving!” – jamogoodwin11

“After I’ve exfoliated and shaved, I like to rub an ice cube over my skin which reduces redness and also helps close up the pores ready for applying my serum/moisturiser.” – _jacksjournal

“My top grooming tip for men out there is before you shave to apply baby oil to your face to help stop razor burn, it works wonders.” – ryanjames_uk

“A top grooming tip for my hubby is he uses an electric shaver first to take the thick off then a fine trim after and moisturiser and balm.” – allison.sullivan

“Shave while showering – the pores really open up!” – mustardbomb

For the Hair

“Always use salt spray on damp hair and blow dry into style before applying your styling product.” – davidjevanss


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