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How To Use Sea Salt Spray

As the weather becomes increasingly warmer, the less appealing it becomes to use a heavy, high hold hair styling clay or wax. Sea salt spray is great for creating a textured look from your natural hair, leaving you with a beachy matte hairstyle.  They also won’t leave you with thick product build up on the hair, helping to keep hair in great condition throughout the summer.

How Do Sea Salt Sprays Work?

Sea salt sprays work by dehydrating the hair and drying into the strands to encourage natural bends within the hair. They are designed to create the same look that you would achieve from a day at the beach from the comfort of your own home.

How To Style Men’s Hair With Sea Salt Spray:

Even though sea salt sprays are relatively low maintenance styling products, many aren’t sure exactly how to use it and end up with overly dry hair with a crispy texture. We’ve put together a step by step guide on using sea salt spray specifically for men to create an almost effortless summer hairstyle.

Step 1. Wash – Start by washing your hair as usual, making sure to use a high-quality conditioner to prevent your hair from becoming too dry. Leave it to dry until it is just damp.

Step 2. Spray – Shake the bottle to combine any separated salt and apply a few sprays into the hair. If you have thick, resilient hair, make sure to apply more to see results.

Step 3. Dry – Use your hair dryer to lock your hair into place. Start at the root of the hair, working the way down whilst scrunching hair in the hands. Use the medium blow dry setting for the best results.

Top Sea Salt Styling Tips

My hair becomes dry when using sea salt spray?

Even though these sprays are designed to dehydrate the hair, sometimes it can leave hair looking and feeling overly dry. If your hair has a tendency to become too dry from salt sprays; try to use a hair mask beforehand. After washing, add any hydrating serums and leave-in conditioners you need too.

Why doesn’t sea salt spray change my hair?

The amount of sea salt spray needed varies between hair types. If you have thick, resilient hair, you will need to use more than somebody with fine, easily styled hair. Start off with around 10 spritzes and add more if needed.

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