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Everything you need to know about Safety Razors

The Safety Razor is an iconic shaving tool, used by men all over the world for over a century. They’re the blueprint for the modern cartridge razor that is ubiquitous today, and to some extent, they’ve fallen by the wayside with the rise of their more popular modern alternative. You’d be wrong to assume that ‘newer’ automatically translates to ‘better’ however, and the fact remains that old-school shaving tools offer many advantages that you could be benefiting from. In this blog post, we take you through everything you need to know about Safety Razors.

Why choose a Safety Razor?

We’ve covered the importance of this concept before in our 5 Steps to Avoiding Razor Bumps blog, but if you suffer from the common problem of ingrown hairs after shaving, a safety razor, combined with traditional methods like shaving creams and brushes, is a fantastic way to combat them.

Traditional models come with fewer, sharper blades, and a greater degree of control over the angle of cutting. This typically means that compared to modern cartridge razors, while they are more likely to cause nicks and cuts, they’re much less likely to cause ingrown hairs.

A top-quality safety razor will last you a lifetime, meaning it’s a smart investment that will continue to pay off as long as you need it. For these reasons, we’re firm believers that it makes sense for all men to own one.

Are Safety Razor Blades interchangeable?

Currently, all Safety Razor Blades are interchangeable. This means if, for example, you’re travelling, and can’t get access to your usual favourite brand, it should be extremely easy to get your hands on a replacement that will suffice.

How to store Safety Razors after shaving

The effectiveness of a razor hinges on its sharpness, especially in the case of Safety Razors. This is because the pressure exerted on the blades is more concentrated in a safety razor, rather than distributed evenly as in a cartridge razor. Blunt blades require you to press harder to cut the hair, and this amplifies the risk of cutting yourself when you’re using a safety razor.

For this reason, it’s extremely important to unclog your blade, thoroughly rinse it with clean warm water, and hang upside down to drip dry. The easiest way to do that is with a wall stand, such as the one by e-Shave.

The Best Safety Razors

  1. Baxter of California DE Safety Razor
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    Baxter of California DE Safety Razor

    The Baxter of California DE Safety Razor is a classic design safety razor that comes housed in a luxurious box, making it the perfect gift for a style conscious man.

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  2. e-Shave Double Edge Razor
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    e-Shave Double Edge Razor

    The e-Shave Double Edge Razor is handcrafted by skilled artisans, with a Lucite handle and a Nickle plated head. Symmetrical, balanced, and ergonomically designed, it gives excellent control, making for a perfect shave.

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  3. Men Rock Double Edged Razor
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    Men Rock Double Edged Razor

    The Men Rock Double Edged Razor has a aesthetic appearance reminiscent of traditional barbershop models, but with a modern ergonomic design.

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  4. Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor
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    Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor

    The Jack Black Double Edge Razor is a refreshing, modern design, with a weighty, sturdy handle that gives maximum control.

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