Grooming Editor

Day 11: Hanz De Fuko Scheme Cream

Behind today’s door in the Mankind Advent Calendar is a cult-classic from Hanz De Fuko. The Hanz De Fuko Scheme Cream is the brand’s very first hair-styling formulation. It’s lightweight, medium hold has the ultimate combination of shine and definition, without causing greasiness – which has made it one of the most popular products on the market.

Containing beeswax, sesame seed oil, burdock root, green tea extract and eucalyptus oil, it’s water-soluble and extremely nourishing. Not only does it style the hair, it also cares for it by toning the scalp, combatting dandruff and encouraging healthy hair growth.

About Hanz De Fuko

Premium hair-styling brand Hanz De Fuko offer a range of high quality products to help you create any look. Focused on supporting creative expression, their unique products give you the freedom to explore your style. In turn, they allow you to feel good and boost confidence. Made with natural and organic ingredients with no parabens or sulphates, you can be sure that you’re using products that will style your hair without causing damage.

Our Top Hanz De Fuko Picks

The Hanz De Fuko Gravity Paste is an innovative, high-hold hair paste which provides a medium shine. Formulated with beeswax and plant derived ingredients, it styles hair with ease whilst keeping it healthy. Utilising super-grip technology, it activates when rubbed between the palms of your hands to create a tacky, pliable paste. This makes for effortless sculpting and styling and works best on dry hair.

The Hanz De Fuko Hybridized Wax is a water-based hair wax that maximises your hair’s potential. Providing a medium hold and satin shine, this versatile wax allows you to experiment with your look, making edgy styles with heavy texture or smooth looks. Eucalyptus, sage and clove leaf oils are used to condition the hair whilst stimulating hair growth. Iridescent mica is added to boost natural shine.

The Hanz De Fuko Claymation is the brand’s best-selling product, offering the ultimate hair-styling aid. This high hold hair clay with a matte finish is a hybrid between a clay and a wax, helping to achieve great texture. Formulated with a synergy or natural waxes, this innovative product makes hair pliable, allowing you to create any hair style with ease.