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Winter Travel Essentials For Men

It’s great to get away over winter, but whether you’re seeing the sights on a city break or hitting the slopes on a skiing holiday, it’s important to keep up your grooming routine. If you’re stuck for what you should be packing when travelling this winter, the Mankind blog’s got you covered. Check out our list of travel essentials for men this winter.

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Top of the list for winter travel essentials for men has to be moisturiser. Even those who can normally get away with it risk drying out when exposed to the cold for long stretches. Applying before and after exposure to cold weather minimises the impact and prevents any painful cracking. Take a look at some of our recommended travel-friendly moisturisers.


Lip Care

Keeping your lips protected is next on our list of winter travel essentials for men. Taking care of your lips is too often overlooked, and at Mankind we can’t see why. Lip care products are small, inexpensive, and can be applied whenever and wherever necessary. Particularly important in winter, cold weather can cause lips to dry out, become inflamed and irritated, and eventually crack. These are some of our favourite products for you to consider when making your choice.

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Shaving Balms and Post-Shave Lotions 

If you need to shave while away this winter, packing shaving balms and post-shave lotions is crucial. Any irritation brought on by shaving will be exacerbated by wind and cold weather, which could lead to redness and blotchiness. You can avoid this by applying moisturising shaving creams, gels and foams before you shave. Most importantly, however, use a protective after shave balm or lotion to prevent skin damage from the cold.


Deodorant & Antiperspirant

You can’t cover Travel Essentials for Men without mentioning deodorant and antiperspirant. Staying active on holiday makes sure you get the most out of your time, but increases the risk of sweating. Minimise the risk by taking antiperspirant, and stay smelling fantastic by packing deodorant.


If you’re staying away for more than a night, shampoo is an absolute necessity. It’s a basic inclusion in your travel bag and getting it right will keep you looking and feeling great. Have a look at our favourite travel-friendly shampoos.

Hair Styling Products

Whatever you’re up to on holiday, looking your best is made much easier when you pack the right hair styling product. If you’re travelling with hand-luggage only, or just have limited space, you shouldn’t let it limit you. Mankind has a range of waxes, clays, and pomades which you’ll be able to take on board your flight.

Face Wash

Face wash is an essential part of anyone’s skincare routine, whatever time of year. While travelling it should be no exception. Eating, drinking, getting outdoors and seeing sights all increase the likelihood of dirt and grease building up on your skin. So, to make sure you look and feel great, packing a face wash will help you keep on top of it. Take a look at our top picks.


Cleansing should be next on your list of priorities. Most cleansers used year-round will be on the bulkier side, taking up valuable space in your luggage. Travel miniatures are a great solution, but it can be tricky to find products which offer great quality. Here are some of the best travel-friendly cleansers mankind has to offer.

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Travel Bag

The final must-have item on our list of Winter Travel Essentials for Men is a travel bag. Keeping your grooming gear clean, dry and organised, with the added benefit of preventing suitcase spillages – it’s a no brainer. Luckily for you, Mankind has a great range of travel-kits which take the fuss out of buying products for your winter getaway.

Want to see more travel related content? Keep up to date with our blog to see our top destinations for winter city breaks coming soon. Our full range of starter packs and travel-kits can be found here.





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