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Showcasing Gentlemen’s Tonic Savile Row Razor

Showcasing Gentlemen’s Tonic Savile Row Razor

Whether you clean shave, or shape your facial hair, there’s always a need for a solid razor in your grooming routine. The Gentlemen’s Tonic Savile Row Razor has a sleek ivory design that will look great on any bathroom shelf.

This festive season Mankind have collaborated with British GQ to curate the latest Christmas Collection. This selection of 12 full size products includes a Gentlemen’s Tonic Savile Row Razor, providing every man with a comfortable shave.

Elegant Design

This razor isn’t just designed to look incredible, it’s actually designed to give the best possible shave. The handle of the razor has the perfect weight that ensures you apply the right amount of pressure to your face when shaving.

The razor blades are Mach III which makes it easy to replace them as needed. With a razor handle that looks this good, you’ll be wanting to shave more often.

How To Use

We’d recommend soaking the razor in warm water as you prepare to shave, this will further increase the effectiveness of the product because your hair will have time to soften under your shaving foam, and the blades will be warm making them glide more smoothly.

Final Thoughts

Having a razor that looks this good is honestly essential. Pair this with some shaving products from the Gentlmen’s Tonic range and we’re sure your shaving experience will be a lot more enjoyable.

What’s your favourite product from The Mankind Christmas Collection: The GQ Edition? Let us know on Twitter, and make sure you check out more grooming advice from British GQ by clicking here.



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