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How to Wrap Presents with Ease

After spending time searching for the perfect present, it would be a shame to simply put it into a gift bag and leave it that way. Putting in that extra effort to wrap it can really emphasise a present, plus the receiver will notice and appreciate it. However, if you’ve not mastered the art of gift wrapping, it can be easier said than done. To ensure every present you’ve purchased looks stylish, we’ve put together a guide on how to wrap presents with ease.

How to Wrap Gifts with Ease

What You’ll Need:

  • Wrapping Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Gift Tags


  1. Measure – The first step to wrapping a present is to ensure that you have enough paper. Estimate how much you’ll need, roll out the paper but before you cut it, place the present in the middle. From there you can fold up the sides to work out if you’ll have enough to cover all of the gift. Once you know how much you need, cut it away from the roll.
  2. Prepare – Before you even begin wrapping, it’s important to cut up some small strips of tape in advance. This will allow you to just grab a piece and stick paper down with ease, rather than attempting to do it single-handedly.
  3. Fold – When you begin wrapping the gift, fold the paper around the edges to create a smooth seam. Then pull the paper tight around the present before sticking it down for a flush finish.
  4. Wrap – Start by wrapping the edges to cover the top, bottom and two sides of the gift. Then fold the loose paper inwards to create a flap, then fold it upwards and stick it down on both sides to ensure the full gift is covered.
  5. Decorate – Once wrapped up, take a length of either ribbon or string and tie it around the gift, then tie a bow at the top. To add the finishing touches, attach a gift tag and you could even use extra decorations for a premium feel.

Gift Wrapping Hacks

Use Boxes

Have you got a strangely-shaped present to wrap? Find an empty box which it fits in and place it into that first. This way you can wrap the box with ease and not have to struggle with tricky corners and shapes.

Fabric Wrap

If you have a gift that can’t be put into a box and is difficult to wrap, try the Japanese fabric wrapping method. Simply place the present in the middle of some fabric and tie opposite corners in the middle. Bring the other corners into the middle, tie those too and it’s ready to give.

Double-Sided Tape

For an extra neat finish, use double-sided tape rather than standard cello tape. You can place it underneath the paper you’re going to stick down and when the present is completely wrapped, there will be no visible adhesive.

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