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Why Would You Use Waterless Products?

You may not realise it, but water typically makes up around 70% of your products. This may be great for those who have sensitive skin and react easily to active ingredients, yet it’s not necessary for other skin types. In fact, waterless products can often be a better option for most people for a variety of reasons. Find out why you should use waterless skincare products right here at Mankind.

Why Is Water Used in Skincare?

If a skincare product only contains active ingredients, filling a pot, tube or bottle can become quite costly. Water is then added to the formula as a filler, diluting the product slightly. It is also used to form emulsions for creams and lotions. The active ingredients will still be effective, yet you would need to use more product to achieve the same effect created by the waterless version.

Why Should You Use Waterless Products?

Stronger Formulas

In waterless skincare, there is more room for active ingredients, as the base of the product isn’t diluting the formula. In turn, this creates a more powerful product and results which appear more quickly. This means that you shouldn’t need to use as much, saving product so you won’t need to replace them as often.

Cleaner Products

Water makes it easier for bacteria to grow within your products, which often causes brands to include preservatives and parabens. However, their aqua-free alternatives will naturally last longer and remain more hygienic without help from synthetic additives.

Better Hydration

Water-based products have been shown to dry out the skin. This is because when you apply it to the skin, the water evaporates along with healthy natural oils from your face. Opting for formulas containing ingredients such as hyaluronic instead will attract moisture to the skin rather than repel it.

Best Waterless Skincare Products

The majority of skincare products on the market do contain water. Despite that, there are still increasing numbers of new water-free formulas getting introduced to the market. If you’re interested in testing them out, here are some of our top water-free skincare product recommendations.

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