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Grooming Expert In Residence: How to avoid Razor Burn, with John Turvey from House 99 ep. 2

Last week we introduced our Grooming Expert in Residence for the month of November, John Turvey from House 99. John’s knowledge of men’s grooming is truly outstanding, and we wanted to share his expertise with our readers. Check out Episode 1 if you haven’t already, read Episode 2 below, and keep up to speed with the Mankind blog for future instalments.

Grooming Expert in Residence – John Turvey, House 99

I often get ‘razor burn’ and ingrown hairs – can I prevent or stop them?

As guys are rarely taught how to shave these days, we pick up tips from ads on TV, which can be quite misleading.  The most common image is watching a guy shave up his neck towards his chin, to get a close shave. This is the biggest mistake you can make!

For most guys, this is shaving against the natural direction of hair growth, and will cause the hair to be cut off at an angle that will irritate your skin like mad.  If you have curly or afro hair, the curl winds back under the skin, causing an ingrown hair, which can more painful.  For the comfiest shave, the most important factor is that ‘P’ word again – preparation.

Before starting any wet shave, wash your face with a good cleanser, and prep your chin-skin with a beard scrub.  Aside from clearing a clean path for your blade to travel, it will make your beard hair stand to attention, allowing for a much closer shave.

The next crucial tip would be to try a shaving cream, rather than foam, on the skin while shaving. Leave this to soak in for a few seconds to condition the skin and hair. This makes it the perfect comfort-buffer between blade and skin. Make sure to shave with the direction of your hair growth, which will be  A dab of light moisturiser to finish will hydrate your skin and act as a post-shave soother.

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John Turvey

John Turvey

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