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Fake Tan for Men

One of the easiest ways to improve your looks instantly is to get a tan. However, taking time out of your day to lie on a sunbed or out in the sun isn’t always an option, not to mention the dangers that come with it. Using fake tan is quick, easy and also the safest option to get bronzed skin and an increasing number of men are trying it. If you’re wanting to try it but not sure how to do it right, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about fake tan for men.

The Danger of Sunbeds

As previously mentioned, spending time on sunbeds is incredibly dangerous. Sunbeds tend to give out larger doses of UV rays than the midday tropical sun. These rays cause premature skin ageing such as pigmentation and wrinkling and can even cause cancer. Statistics state that people who are frequently exposed to UV rays are at greater risk of developing skin cancer later on in life. The sun also emits this harmful radiation, making a fake tan the safest option. With that in mind, we need to emphasise the importance of wearing an SPF daily, and protecting your skin against both UVA and UVA rays.

Benefits of Fake Tan

Not only does fake tan leave you with a healthy, sun-kissed glow, most tans host a plethora of skincare benefits too. They hide blemishes on the skin as well as provide a boost of moisture and hydration. Tan can also improve your confidence, allowing you to both look and feel great. Some fake tan products even have SPF in!

How to Apply Fake Tan

If you’ve decided to try out fake tan, make sure to apply it correctly. A bad application can cause patchiness and streakiness, putting you off self-tanning for life. Don’t worry, just follow our fool proof tips below on how to apply fake tan for a flawless finish.

  1. Exfoliate

    The first step towards a flawless tan is to exfoliate your body. Using an exfoliator will remove any dead skin cells, leaving you with a fresh, clean layer of skin. This will leave your skin soft and smooth, helping you to achieve an even tan.

  2. Moisturise

    After exfoliating in the bath or shower and drying off, take an intense moisturiser and apply on your entire body. Drier patches absorb more tan and turn darker, so moisturising all over will prevent dark patches from emerging when your tan develops.

  3. Use The Right Applicator

    Once your skin is prepped, it’s time to apply the false tan. Make sure to use a tanning mitt and rub in circular motions for an even, streak-free finish. For hard to reach areas such as your back, the Bronzie is a great applicator.

  4. Buff

    The final step for the ultimate fake tan is to buff the skin after your tan has dried. Check the bottle of the tan you have used for the drying time and use an old towel or the back of your tanning mitt to gently rub the skin. Your tan should then look natural so you can get on with your day.

Best Fake Tan For Men

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