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MK Editors Picks: Lab Series

Healthy skin is the first step towards looking good. However, you don’t need a lengthy skincare routine to maintain skin health. With the right products and tools, your skincare routine will be quick, simple and extremely effective. Lab Series offer high-quality products which will leave your skin looking and feeling good and are the perfect addition to that optimal skincare regime.

Lab Series: What’s Their Story?

Powered by technology and backed by scientific research, Lab Series offer a range of results-orientated skincare products. Designed to fit into an active lifestyle, their advanced formulations address men’s skincare and grooming needs. Reinforced by years of success, it’s not hard to understand why their products are loved by men across the globe once you try them.

Why Should You Use Lab Series?

You’re going to need highly-effective skincare to match when trying to keep up with a modern, fast-paced lifestyle. Lab Series work quickly to ensure that your skin can keep up by maintaining a healthy glowing complexion. Their innovative products are formulated to take care of a multitude of concerns so you can focus on everything else.

Where to Buy Lab Series?

You can purchase Lab Series skincare products right here at Mankind. Discover the full range available to buy by clicking here. Interested in finding out more? We’ve included information on some of our favourite products from the range including how to use them below.

  1. Lab Series Max LS Face Cream
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    Lab Series Max LS Face Cream

    This daily moisturiser uses Sirtunin technology to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The high performance formula immediately hydrates the skin as well as evens skin tones and reduces pore visibility. Skin will appear softer, smoother and more youthful.

    How to Use Lab Series Max LS Face Cream: To use this cream, simply apply a small amount across the face after cleansing and toning both morning and night.

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  2. Lab Series Face Wash
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    Lab Series Face Wash

    Formulated for normal to dry skin types, this daily cleanser exfoliates, conditions and cleanses the skin. Transforming into foam upon contact with water, it effectively removes impurities and unclogs pores. Containing purifying beads and a range of vitamins, it polishes the skin and eliminates dead skin cells, revealing clearer skin.

    How to Use Lab Series Face Wash: To use this face wash, dampen your face and neck, then massage on a small amount. Rinse away with warm water and pat dry.

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  3. Lab Series Electric Shave Solution
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    Lab Series Electric Shave Solution

    The electric shave solution is an advanced formula creating the optimum surface for a close shave. It lifts facial hair for a closer shave whilst building a protective layer to prevent skin damage. This concentrated liquid formula cools, refreshes and soothes the skin for a smooth, effortless shave.

    How to Use Lab Series Electric Shave Solution: To use the shave solution, apply an even amount across the facial hair you are about to shave. Leave on whilst shaving.

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  4. Lab Series Instant Eye Lift
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    Lab Series Instant Eye Lift

    This eye serum is a moisturising eye treatment made for all skin types to smooth and brighten the eye area. Using the science of skin cell longevity, this daily treatment erases the signs of ageing and maximises skin performance for younger looking skin.

    How to Use Lab Series Instant Eye Lift: To use this eye serum, gently dab on a small amount and smooth under and around the eye area in a patting motion with your ring finger.

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