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How to stay fresh in a heat wave: summer grooming tips

If the thought of being unprepared for the heatwave has got you breaking out in sweats, then we’ve got the summer grooming tips for you. Warm weather can get in the way of your comfort and disrupt your style, especially if it catches you unaware. By following these dos and don’ts, you can guarantee that you’ll be clean, comfortable, and protected when the hot weather hits.

DON’T burn in the sun

If there’s one tip you need to pick up on, it’s this (we’ve covered it before in plenty of detail here). But to summarise, sun damage is both the biggest risk factor in premature ageing, and most importantly, it’s a major risk factor in skin cancer. To stay on top of both, it’s advisable to get into a the habit of wearing a broad spectrum FPS at all times of year, but when the sun’s higher, wearing a broad spectrum SPF which is high enough to prevent you from burning is an absolute necessity.

DO stay fresh and hydrated

Getting enough hydration is vital in the heat, so stocking up on fluids by drinking plenty of water is always advisable. You can make sure your skin stays hydrated with a light water based essence or moisture mist. This will keep your skin cool and fresh, without feeling excessively greasy.

DON’T sweat to excess

Nothing gets in the way of looking and feeling your best like sweating excessively. The most important step you can take is to use antiperspirant, but you can also make sure you smell fresh throughout the day by reapplying fragrance when required. You can also avoid this problem arising in your nether regions with Below the Belt.

Good to know: If you’re prone to getting sweat patches, using a high quality, thin cotton undershirt will help you get around this without making you overheat.

DO wash more frequently

When it’s hot and humid, you’re guaranteed to sweat a little more. While sweat itself is not directly responsible for acne, it’s widely reported that sweating without washing shortly after can aggravate the symptoms.

As well as this, when the sun’s out, you’re likely to be spending much more time outdoors soaking it all up. But sun rays aren’t the only thing you’ll be soaking up; all that time spent outdoors will mean you’re much more likely to be exposed to air pollution and dirt which will contribute to blocked pores.

Making sure you shower and use an appropriate body wash after being outdoors will take care of this. You should also look to tone and exfoliate your face more frequently, as this will break down the deep lying dirt in your pores.

DON’T over-moisturise

This is especially true if you have oily skin. In hotter and more humid climates, the need to moisturise is substantially reduced, as the rate at which sebum builds up on the skin increases. If this applies to you, when its particularly humid you should aim to reduce the quantity of moisturiser you use in the morning and throughout the day to an essential minimum.

DO prevent build-up of oil

Another one for those with oily skin. If you’re normally prone to a noticeable mid-day build up of grease on the face, make sure to have some oil blotting pads on hand to dab it away. This way, your skin will feel lighter, clearer, leaving you looking better and feeling more comfortable.

DON’T let heat rash hold you back

Heat rash is a major inconvenience for those who are affected by it. Avoid symptoms by staying hydrated, wearing light, cotton clothing, and keeping cool throughout the day when temperatures are high. You should also keep a hypoallergenic soothing cream on hand if you know you’re likely to be affected by it to reduce any redness and irritation. Making sure other grooming products you’ll be using, such as antiperspirants and sun creams, are also formulated with sensitive skin in mind.




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