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One Month On: Omorovicza

For this article, we invited Philip from our Data Science Team to test out a range of Omorovicza products for a full month while keeping a diary. Noting down the products he used and how he used them, he detailed all the changes he noticed, as well as anything he liked or disliked about the Omorovicza range. Find out what the results of the test were and read below.

Philip testing Omorovicza

Tester and guest writer, Philip.

First thoughts on the Omorovicza range:

At first sight I was very impressed by the design of the boxes and stylish packaging. Having dry-combination skin I wasn’t sure which product would be the best to use for night time use. Fortunately, each of the boxes came with instructions for the products to use for different skin types and for respective times of the day. This made it fairly easy for me to pick which products I’d need, and to build a routine out of them.

First week:

With access to the whole range, after reading the different product booklets I decided to try out the following routine. At night, I’d use the Moor Cream Cleanser and Rejuvenating Night Cream. In the morning, I’d use the Perfecting Lip Balm and Instant Perfection Serum.

Overall, I was very impressed with the moor cream cleanser and rejuvenating night cream, over the course of the first week, I slowly began noticing a natural glow to my skin when I woke up. There was a clear difference in how supple and smooth my face and neck felt after a few days of use, and I could tell that my skin was more hydrated.

We had a few days of cold weather in week 1, so my lips were very chapped. The perfecting lip balm got rid of my chapped lips after two days of use and kept my lips moisturised without leaving a strong shine like other lip balms I had used in the past.

The instant perfection serum was very lightweight and absorbed quickly. I applied a few light drops the first thing in the morning and after lunch each day. Overall, I noticed that my skin felt more smooth and looked thoroughly hydrated. Overall, I was really happy with the results and planned to add a few more products in the next week.

Second week:

In the second week I added the Miracle Facial oil to my day time routine (which would be used with the instant perfection serum) alongside the Reviving Eye Cream.

It took a few days of consistent use for the Reviving Eye Cream to make an impact. I noticed that my dark circles had significantly been reduced. For me this was important – after late nights exercising and working with little sleep, I no longer had an obvious look of tiredness and fatigue.

I also added two drops of the miracle facial oil to the instant perfection serum and noticed a massive difference in the levels of hydration in my skin and overall glow. Many people commented that my skin looked better which I was pleased with. These products worked very well together and only required a few drops first thing in the morning.

Third week:

In the third week, I added the Omorovicza soothing shave to my routine. I have highly irritable skin around the neck and often suffer from shaving/razor bumps. I decided to apply the soothing shave after completing my shave. I was really happy with this product and found it worked very well: reducing swelling and inflammation around my neck. I think this is going to be my go-to post shave treatment from now on.

I also added the Omoressence to my night time routine between cleansing and using the night cream. If I’m honest, I didn’t notice a huge difference, and found that I didn’t need to use it. This is probably because my skin doesn’t naturally produce much oil, so I never have problems with blocked pores, and I don’t use any cosmetics products.

By this point, the miracle facial oil was becoming a clear favourite. I was honestly amazed at the difference it made to my dry skin, and the improvements it made to my complexion.

Fourth week:

In my final week, I started using the Magic Moisture Mist for extra skin hydration during the day time.

The magic moisture mist was very lightweight and provided that extra level of hydration without any excess shine to the face. With a few sprays towards the end of the day I could keep my face thoroughly hydrated and smooth. It was a simple product to keep in my bag so I consistently used this throughout the final week when I needed a refresh at work and after the gym.


After the test I noticed that my skin had a significant glow that it did not have when I started the programme. The skin on my face and neck was noticeably more hydrated, and by the end of the month, I wasn’t suffering from dry skin any longer.

HERO product:

If I had to choose one product, it would easily be the Miracle Facial Oil. This was a versatile product which could be used both in the day time and night time. It thoroughly moisturized my skin in the night and provided that much needed glow first thing in the morning. For my skin-type I did not need to apply many drops either to see a significant difference. I also enjoyed the fact that it could be used in combination with many other products. This made it the most simple product to use consistently. That said, I was really impressed with the Omorovicza range and will continue to use their products.

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