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Skincare and Sun Protection When Cycling

With Tour de France now in full swing, we’ve been hit by the cycling bug here at Mankind! It’s time to dust off the cobwebs from your bike, polish that helmet and get in on the cycling action on your very own doorstep. Granted, it’s not quite as ‘glamorous’ as taking part in the *actual* Tour De France, but one of the greatest things about living in Britain is the endless dirt tracks and roads you can adventure on.

It’s not just your helmet that will protect you when out on our bike. One thing many cyclists seem to neglect when riding is sunscreen. Sun protection when cycling can be one of the most important elements of riding your bike. You just have to take a look at some of the online cycling communities to see some of the interesting infographics and memes featuring some weird and wonderful tan lines fellow riders have been blessed with. Even when it’s an overcast day, you need to ensure that you use SPF not only on your face, but also on your legs, arms and even hands. Yep, hands.

Protecting Yours Hands When Cycling

A lot of cyclists will wear gloves when they’re out on their bikes, which can protect a large surface area of the skin on your hands. However, when it comes to most cycling gloves, the designs are more than often fingerless, meaning that you are leaving part of your hands exposed – with UV rays just itching to catch them. Use a hand cream which contains SPF, such as the Eve Lom Hand Cream with SPF 10 within the formula. Not only will this leave your hands feeling supple and soft but by protecting against sun damage, you will also keep the youthful look of your hands much longer. Just don’t forget to reapply if you wash your hands, or if it’s a particularly warm day where you may sweat it off!

Facial Protection When Riding Your Bike

Protecting your face when out on your bike is an absolute necessity. Your nose is particularly attractive for those pesky UV Rays to take advantage of if you forget to pop some sunscreen on it! As the skin on your face can be much more sensitive than that of your body, the Uriage Bariesun Mineral Sun Stick makes for the ideal solution for sun protection, without irritating the delicate skin on your complexion. Providing excellent sun protection and nourishing care, the handy size and solid formula are also perfect for on-the-go.

Bodycare When Biking

Finally, to avoid tan lines that would end up as a meme, you need to ensure that your arms and legs have the best possible protection around. We’d recommend a product such as the Expert Sun Aging Protection Lotion from Shiseido, especially on warmer days where you’re working up an almighty sweat! This unique sun protection lotion contains WetForce formula, to provide UV protection that is boosted by water – so in rain, shine or sweat you’re in the best hands. Speaking of sweat, if you’re prone to chaffing during exercise, then you might want to take a look at Anthony No Sweat Body Defense, which is an absolute miracle worker for keeping your dry against sweat in any areas of concern.

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