Grooming Editor

How to Protect Your Skin During Facial Hair Growth

If you’re used to sporting the clean shaven look and you’re new to skipping the shave, you may find that your skin is affected by the change. We know that ingrown hairs and breakouts are common, so we’re providing information how to combat it. We’ve put together all of our top tips on how to protect your skin during facial hair growth so you can rest assured your skin is healthy beneath.

Protect Your Skin During Facial Hair Growth

Keep It Clean

Patches of hair are breeding grounds for bacteria to thrive due to dust, dirt, food and other substances. As the hair grows, the bacteria becomes trapped against the skin which causes breakouts. To prevent this from happening, use a sensitive face wash both morning and night to keep your skin clean and clear.

Dry It Thoroughly

After washing your facial hair and skin, you need to make sure to fully dry it. Water left behind can irritate the skin and attract even more bacteria, so it’s important to use a clean towel and gently but thoroughly pat the area dry.

Exfoliation Is Key

During facial hair growth, its most likely that you’ll encounter ingrown hairs if they grow back into the skin rather than outwards. Using an exfoliating scrub a few times per week will eliminate dead skin cells, allowing the hair to come to the surface rather than back towards the root.

Maintain Moisture

When skin becomes dry, it will become tight and irritated. This is more likely to happen whilst growing facial hair as you must use exfoliators and cleansers to keep bacteria at bay. Keep your skin hydrated and stop dry skin from clogging your pores by remembering to moisturise twice a day.