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How To Style The Slicked Back Look

The slicked back look is a good choice for formal occasions or to finish off a smart-casual look with a hint of class. However, it can be difficult to get your hair to stay back without looking greasy and stuck to your scalp.

To avoid the dreaded dishevelled look, all it takes are the right products and a little bit of insight into the correct method of styling. Our video below will make sure you can grasp the slicked back look in no time.

How To Style: Slicked Back Look

Following the simple steps shown in the video will leave you with the perfect slicked back look. If you want to know more about our top product picks to help you get it right, continue reading this blog.

Step 1: Apply Your Product

The best choice to keep your slicked back style looking slick is to use a small amount of pomade. To make the pomade easier to apply, rub your hands together to warm the product. Focus on applying it to the front of your hair and push your hair backwards with your hands. Moving the remainder of the product towards the back will prevent flyaways and ensure that all of the exposed hair is coated.

Step 2: Smooth Out Your Style

After applying the pomade, the chances are that your hair will look slightly messy and not very slicked back. Using a brush or comb, smooth the hair back. Brushing backwards will make sure that the style is even and that there are no stray strands around your head. If your hair is thick and stubborn, feel free to apply a little bit more pomade for extra hold and repeat the brushing process until you’ve achieved your desired look.

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