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How To Make Your Home Instagram-Worthy

If like us, you love looking through Instagram home inspiration, we’re sure you’ve wondered how you can replicate it yourself. Many of the images we see are very clean, with a simple and consistent colour palette. With over 500 million users, you may be tempted to take snaps in your own home and upload them to Instagram. We all do it!

We’ve come up with five ideas on how you can upgrade your interior and make your home Instagram-worthy. Even if you’re not looking to decorate your living room so it’s a beautiful backdrop for Instagram, all of the tips below will give your home an added boost, without breaking the bank.

  1. It's Not Easy Being Green

    One of the most popular ways on making your home more Instagram-worthy is with the addition of greenery. If you check out some popular Instagram accounts, you'll be guaranteed to see a cactus or two. Get a couple of plants in your home and use them either in the foreground or background to add depth to your image. If you're worried about maintenance, fake plants also work a treat.
  2. Keep It Pure With Brass, Copper or Gold

    The trend of clean and shiny metal is in full swing. This comes in many forms, from plant holders to table legs. Either way, it looks great. You could get some simple stationary organisers or a geometric copper terrarium to add that pop of luxury to your photos. It also gives your home some added elegance without costing too much money. Try and keep your metal of choice consistent so it doesn't look too mismatched.
  3. You Need A Strong Backdrop

    Every good image needs a strong background. Wood and marble are two of the most popular. Whilst it doesn't make sense to re-kit out your whole kitchen for the sake of a good picture, you could purchase a wooden tray or a slab of marble and use these as a background for your image. You can re-purpose the wooden tray for breakfast in bed, and the slab of marble will double as a luxury chopping board.
  4. We're A Fan Of Food Photography

    Whether you're trying to make your home Instagram-worthy or just giving it a bit of an upgrade, you can't go wrong with good dinnerware. We like clean white dinnerware, as it's classic and you can't notice the fingerprints you might leave as much. This will help to strengthen any food photography you might take, it's a simple and effective upgrade.
  5. Follow The Trends

    The best and easiest way to give your home an upgrade is to follow the trends. Either on Instagram or Pinterest, keep up to date with what looks good. You don't have to mimic this exactly, but use it as inspiration. Whether that's a colour palette you like, or a cushion that you think would suit your lounge, the world is your oyster.

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Following these simple steps above, you’ll be able to add some little pops of life

Images courtesy of: @thewhiitehouse,, @foodofvisuals, @saltandpepperhome and @westelmla.



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