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Make Room For Yourself

We’re going to make a bold statement here: It’s alright to make room for yourself! Yes, you heard that right, even us men deserve a treat once in a while. Male grooming has become less of a taboo in the recent years and lets face it, who doesn’t like to feel good? We have a couple of ideas for how you can give your skin that extra pamper it might need.

You Can Do It, Put Your Mask Into It

You should have a face mask in your skincare repertoire, but if you don’t, get your hands on one. Face masks help to give your skin a healthy boost that you might not normally get from your daily grooming routine. We recommend trying a clay mask as it helps to reduce the appearance of pores and rid your skin of excess oil. It also helps that having a face mask on is Snapchat gold.

The Hair Care Bunch

Whether the hair on your head, or your beard, hair treatments are a great way to strengthen your routine. Hair treatments come in many forms, mainly oils and deep conditioners, but all will make your hair easier to style and manage. The principle is straightforward, you cover your hair in your chosen product, leave it on for the required time, then wash it out. This isn’t something you should do every day, as it will make your hair heavier and difficult to style. However, before a special event or occasion, hair treatments up the grooming ante.

Soak It To Me

From easing muscle tension, to soothing headaches, there is a bath soak for any concern. Whether you opt for a bubble bath, bath salts or a bath oil, you’ll be sure to find a product that will make you feel that extra bit ‘special’. We particularly like setting up our favourite TV series on our iPad at the side of the bath and switching off mentally for an hour. Don’t hold us liable for any liquid damage, relax at your own risk!

If you can’t decide what to buy, how about you treat yourself to our Premium Grooming Box? You get a collection of 6 male grooming products from 3 premium brands. The box contains a selection of face, hair and body products. Perfect if you want to refresh your routine.

We think it’s perfectly acceptable to pamper yourself! What’s your favourite way to unwind after a long weekend?

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