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Meet The Man: That Dapper Chap

Craig from That Dapper Chap, provides the blogging community with incredible style inspiration, and great grooming knowledge. If you’re looking for no-fuss styling, Craig’s your man.

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Craig discovered grooming products when he was 18. He started getting more involved in skincare, introducing moisturiser and eye cream into his routine. Now Craig’s grooming routine ticks all the boxes. Everything from shampoo and conditioner, to face wash and face creams, you can be sure it’s part of his routine.

If you’re looking for style inspiration, and grooming advice, you need to check out Craig’s blog. We got to ask him a couple of questions about his skincare routine, and his experiences around it.



Question: Let’s start by telling us a bit more about you…

My name is Craig and I’m a blogger. That sounds like a weird sort of confession and in some peoples minds I guess it might be. I cover menswear, mens grooming and a little travel. I share stories about things I like and review products, some great, some less so. I promise my readers that I shall always be 100% honest. If there are improvements that I think can be made to a product I’ll say so. I’ll of course do it constructively, but I’m here to share my thoughts and opinions. I’ll try the things and tell my readers all about it so they don’t have to waste time and money on a product that might not be for them.

I’ve been bloging for 2.5 years but always had an interest in fashion and grooming. Aside from the blog I work full time in financial services, I think this helps me ‘keep it real’ and I can directly relate to millions of other guys out there who work had but want to look good and feel great while they do so.

Question: When did you first start looking after your skin? And what caused you to consider it more?

I was 14 when I tried hair gel for the first time. Back then it was a very new product and one which was frowned upon by older guys. Now the vast majority of guys out there use a hair product every single day. How times change hey?

When I was 18 I started using moisturiser and eye cream. I worked in a busy factory at that time. It was dirty, hot and smelly. My skin was dry and my eyes were sore. Someone recommended products by a company Called Beauty Without Cruelty. I tried them and didn’t look back.

Question: What steps do you follow in your everyday skincare routine?

Every morning I shower and wash with a mens shower gel. I’m not too fussy about it, so long as it’s moisturising and smells great. I wash my face with a dedicated face wash. Don’t be tempted to double up and just use shower gel. Sometimes I use a scrub to remove the dead skin but I’m not a huge fan of them as I always end up with the tiny scrubby bits in my eyes. I’ll wash and condition my hair. My hair is neither greasy or dry so any product for ‘normal’ hair is good for me, but again I like a quality product like those sold at Mankind and again, it needs to smell good.

After drying, I’ll brush my teeth with a whitening toothpaste before applying moisturiser, eye cream and a lip balm. A splash of fragrance and I’m all set.

Question: How did you discover your skin type and what products worked best for you?

Just through reading magazines really. FHM used to be good. MensHealth also provides a great deal of information. I have the classic oily t-zone and sometimes my glasses will slide down my nose – it gets so shiny. Those little powder sheets that you can buy are a god send!

Question: What challenges did you face when starting to look after your skin?

I was an acne sufferer and I had it quite severely. Harsh face washes, topical creams and coal tar soap didn’t help and I ended up on antibiotics and an antibiotic topical treatment. I didn’t eat well and I didn’t drink enough water but at the time nobody recommended these as a cure! It was a difficult time, but lads, it does get better! Drink loads of water, get plenty of fresh fruit and veg and avoid too many late nights and pizza!

Question: What three products are staples in your skincare routine?

My eye cream, Moisturiser and my lip balm. I’m not getting any younger so I now use products that are specifically formulated for less youthful skin. Who’d know I am 64 years old, right?

Question: If you had one piece of advice to give to someone starting on their skincare journey, what would it be?

Do your research. Get to understand your skin type. Are you forever shiny? Does your skin feel tight and dry? Is it just ‘normal’? Work this out and then get on the net. Mankind offers all kinds of products for all skin types so I’d start there. The website is easy to use and all of the products are of a great quality. I now, I’ve tried them. Just search ‘Mankind’ on my blog for some reviews.

Make sure you check out Craig’s blog over at That Dapper Chap for more inspiration.

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