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The Best In Grooming: April 2019

The Best In Grooming: April 2019

Rafts of new and exciting grooming products come through Mankind headquarters every month, which we’re lucky to get to try out for ourselves. Read more to find out about the Best In Grooming April 2019, our roundup of our favourite grooming essentials we’ve gotten the chance to test out over the last month.

The Best In Grooming April 2019

1. American Crew Fiber

First up for Best In Grooming in April 2019 is American Crew Fiber, a longtime favourite here at Mankind. A classic product with matte finish that’s fantastic for creating naturalistic, textured looks, we’ve chosen American Crew Fiber this month due to its versatility. It’s a product that any man with hair can benefit from having handy.

Due to its high Lanonlin content, American Crew Fiber should be warmed between the hands before application. Apply from the roots to the tip to create lift for high volume looks like quiffs or pompadours. Alternatively, apply lightly from the back to the front of the head to add texture to a natural look.

2. ESPA Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome Moisturiser

Next up is a recent skincare launch that we’ve been really impressed with over the last month. The ESPA Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome Moisturiser is a luxurious anti-ageing cream that uses Probiome technology, an innovative approach to skincare that we predict will become a major trend in years to come.

Probiome technology is designed to provide pre-biotic and pro-biotic benefits. For background on what this means, your skin naturally has bacteria living on it at all times. Harsh cleansers and other skincare products can kill too much of this bacteria, harming the delicate balance of the skin’s ecosystem. What the Tri-Active Advanced Probiome Moisturiser aims to do is provide the right food for good bacteria to grow (pre-biotic), and nurture live bacteria on the skin (pro-biotic). Through this, it effectively fights the ageing process by promoting optimal skin health.

3. men-ü Black Pepper & Bergamot Shower Gel

men-ü is many things: high quality, highly effective, environmentally conscious, and affordable to name just a few. Their Black Pepper & Bergamot Shower Gel, already a favourite at Mankind for some time, makes it onto the list this month due to the recent redesign that makes their packaging more sustainable.

Now available in a refill pack, you can re-use the precision pump to minimise waste, and recycle what’s left when you’re done.

4. Bulldog Energising Moisturiser

It’s fairly obvious that men and women have different concerns when it comes to skincare, but whenever we speak to men about the topic, we’re surprised to find that above all they have one major concern: skin fatigue.

Skin fatigue (unlike specific concerns like skin ageing, spots and dryness) refers to a number of inter-related problems that don’t necessarily originate in the skin. When you’re tired, hungover, or suffering from allergies and illness, your skin can appear dull, inflamed and puffy. The next product on our Best In Grooming rundown, Bulldog’s Energising Moisturiser is the perfect quick solution for this. Using Glycogen from Maize to restore even skin tone and brightness, Algae to make the skin soft and supple, and Rice, which contains nourishing Vitamin B, and lightly exfoliating Phytic Acid, the moisturiser rejuvenates the skin and stimulate blood flow.

5. Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser

Triumph & Disaster is a modern and stylish Apothecary brand, using a unique array of ingredients and techniques to bring exciting and enticing products to the male grooming market.

Their Ritual Face Cleanser is an exfoliant and face wash that fits the Triumph & Disaster mould perfectly. Enriched with invigorating oils of Tamanu and Peppermint, which replenish hydration sacrificed in the cleansing process, and absorbent Bentonite Clay that mattifies while it cleanses, it’s the perfect daily cleanser for dry or slightly sensitive skin.

6. Hawkins & Brimble Natural Beard Shampoo

The Hawkins & Brimble Natural Beard Shampoo is a product you can depend upon as the foundation of your beardcare routine. Anyone who’s stuck it out and grown a beard for more than a few weeks knows that it can be an uncomfortable ordeal. Thick, coarse beard hairs can be itchy, and sebum and dirt can cling to the facial hair, causing an all-around unpleasant experience for the newly bearded man.

That’s where a proper beardcare routine comes to the rescue, and a routine worth its salt starts with regularly shampooing. Cleansing away dirt and grease as well as softening and gently conditioning the facial hair, regularly shampooing will do wonders for an uncomfortable beard, as well as keeping it looking glossy, clean and healthy.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Now Eau De Toilette

Tommy Now by Tommy Hilfiger takes fragrance elements that are definitively masculine, and juxtaposes them with intriguing, distinctive floral and citrus notes to create a scent you’re certain to appreciate.

With opening notes of Bergamot and Mandarin that capture the attention and refresh the senses, it gives way to a heart of Geranium, Ginger, and Cardamom, and earthy, classic masculine base notes of Amber Wood and Moss.

8. Mio Skincare Heavenly Body Radiance Salt Scrub

A recent launch that we can see becoming a mainstay among Mankind favourites, the Heavenly Body Radiance Salt Scrub from Mio Skincare is a luxurious body scrub that puts a new twist on a classic formula (& that we recently wrote about in our blog on the topic of body scrubs).

Using Crystalline Salt and and Bitter Orange Peel, as well as replenishing Almond and Coconut Oils, what sets the Heavenly Body Scrub apart is its incredible scent, which is a genuine treat to the senses.

9. Hanz De Fuko Invisible Shave Cream

The Invisible Shave Cream from Hanz De Fuko is a translucent shaving gel that allows for incredible precision with your shave, as well as unbeatable glide. Its natural conditioning agents, Avocado Oil and Shea Butter, work to protect and rehydrate the skin, whereas its Aloe Vera content fights irritation and soothes the skin.

Perfect for detailing beard and neck lines, or simply just ensuring you don’t miss stray hairs, this handy shave cream will be a guaranteed hit.

10. Redken Brews Aftershave Balm

Your skin can find the shaving process a little traumatic, and the Redken Brews Aftershave Balm gives your skin the much needed hydration and protection boost it needs after the ordeal.

Exceptionally nourishing and conditioning, but formulated with a lightweight finish, a quick application of this after shaving will limit razor rash, help to prevent breakouts, and soothe irritation.

11. Men Rock The Cut Throat Shavette

Last on our Best In Grooming breakdown is a fresh and unusual take on the most classic shaving tool that still persists to this day.

Cut Throat razors are minimalist shaving implements that still have their value today. Fewer blades gives a greater control over the angle of cutting, allowing you to shave close to the skin without causing ingrown hairs or scraped skin. As the name suggests, however, they come with a greater risk of experiencing major nicks and cuts.

The Men Rock Cut Throat Shavette Razor is a device that is functionally the same as a traditional straight razor, but has multiple blades close together making it safer. This means it functions brilliantly as an introduction to the techniques of Cut Throat shaving with a much reduced risk of hurting yourself.



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