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Dealing With Patchy Facial Hair

Are you part of the unlucky group of guys, who no matter what you do, you can’t grow a proper beard? You may find your facial hair grows patchy or that the hairs just can’t be tamed. It’s a problem many of us face, and you’re not alone!

We know it can be frustrating when you’re trying to get rid of the baby face, and swap it for a post-pubescent look, but nothing is going in your favour. Some guys can rock the clean shaven look, but for the rest of us it just leaves us looking like a child. There are a couple of things you can do to help strengthen your beard game, we’ve got you covered.

Bear With It

One of the biggest mistakes guys make, is shaving facial hair before it’s given a chance to shine. We know it can be difficult to let it grow through the patchiness, it doesn’t help that it gets itchy either, but perseverance is key. Patches in your beard may actually be down to finer hair in those spots, it might simply just need a bit longer to grow. We’re not suggesting you have to go full-on bear, but grow your hair a bit further than you normally would before trimming it back.  If you can’t handle the gaps in your facial hair, you could trim around it and pray that it all matches up eventually.

Crack Out The Comb

If you’ve followed the first tip, persevered with your beard, yet it’s still looking patchy, what’s next? We’d recommend brushing your beard to force your hair to go in a certain direction. We’re not saying you need to spend hours in front of the mirror, carefully manicuring your facial hair, but a couple of minutes won’t hurt. Go against the grain of your beard to give it a bit of volume in areas where it falls flat, it’s easy to do and is actually quite effective. Using a beard conditioner will come in handy too, it’ll help smooth out any straggly hairs.

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

There has always been discussion around the effectiveness of  supplements, but additional nutrition is never a bad thing. Specific supplements are available that promote hair growth and encourage healthy hair. Whilst it won’t just target your face, and if you’re not careful you may end up looking like a Yeti, it’s a risk you might have to take! They’re always packed full of vitamins

Visit Your Local Barber

Why wouldn’t you want to go and visit a professional? The good thing about seeing a barber is that they can cut your facial hair in to accentuate the right things, and hide all the bad things. This can be really helpful going forward as you just have to follow the lines they’ve already made, rather than awkwardly trying to tidy up your facial hair with no guidance.

If You Can’t Beat It, Fill It

We’ve saved the best ’til last. Guys, it’s time to embrace eyebrow pencils! You could use them on your eyebrows if you wanted to, but what we are suggesting is colouring in your stubble. Yes, you heard that right. Draw lines within your patchy stubble to mimic hairs, keep them as thin as possible to keep it looking natural. The important thing here is making sure that the colour of your eyebrow pencil actually matches your facial hair, otherwise you could end up with a very questionable looking beard. Embrace your inner Picasso and fill in your beard.

If you’re brave enough to try filling in your beard with an eyebrow pencil, you may be interested in investing in a concealer.

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Grooming Editor

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