Grooming Editor

Hangover Proof Skin Care for St Patrick’s Day

Britain doesn’t need a National Alcohol Day in much the same way as it doesn’t need a Straight Pride Parade or National Tea and Biscuits Week. The very existence of such a celebration begs the question “when exactly is it not National Alcohol Day?”. Not a country to turn down an opportunity to drink, however, we haven’t let this stop us.

The Feast of St Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland – who by all accounts was a serious and devout man – has historically served this purpose. This seems to be due to a combination of  factors: St Patrick’s Day typically falling in or around Lent, and the existence of a widespread stereotype associating the Irish and Irish Diaspora communities with liquid festivities.

To commemorate the day, we’ve come up with a solution to the aspect of St Patrick’s day least worthy of celebration. The hangover. Check out our 7-step hangover busting skin care routine.

Step 1. Wash

As always at Mankind, we start with the basics. Washing is a crucial step which can’t be missed. Removing green hair dye as well as any remaining beard glue, dirt and grease from your skin, you’ll be primed and ready for the next 6 steps. You could take a few moments in the shower to reflect on your previous night’s exploits. Or not.

Step 2. Eye Masks

If nothing else about your appearance gives away the fact that you’re feeling ropey from the night before, then your eyes will. Eye masks are ultra-hydrating, and reduce the redness, puffiness, and discolouration that tends to occur in the region when you’ve overdone it. Also requiring you to close your eyes for at least a solid 5-10 minutes, it’s a perfect excuse to snooze a little longer. Put on some music (if your head can take it), slap one of these on, and get back in bed.

3. Aloe Vera Face Masks (Optional)

Not everyone suffers hangovers in the same way, but there’s a significant proportion of people whose face will be puffy and discoloured in the morning. An Aloe Vera face mask is an ideal way to combat this, and slots in perfectly with step 2.

4. Eye cream

With the R&R element of the routine over, the next step is eye cream. These treatments are typically formulated with acids as well as nutrients and moisturising agents. This allows them to effectively treat the causes of discolouration while firming and nourishing skin around the eyes.

5. Serum and Moisturiser

This should be something you include in every morning’s routine. If your skin tends towards looking duller and zombified after a night out, a heavier serum or facial oil will make you look revitalised. While if you look redder and puffier, a light, water-based essence will refresh your appearance.

6. Concealer

This is one of those occasions where cosmetics comes to the rescue. A light application of concealer will go a long way to masking the effects of a heavy night. Use around the eyes to cover up dark patches, and any other blemishes you want to hide.

Good to know: When using concealer, apply in the opposite direction to any natural crease lines. For around the eyes, apply downwards in a V shape before blending in. This stops any clumping from occurring.

7. Matte highlighter in the pits of your eyes

This final step is a minor touch we’ve covered before. A small dab of matte highlighter in the pit of each eye will make your eyes appear wider and brighter, giving the overall effect of making you look more alert and awake. Perfect for covering up your previous night’s indulgences.