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Coping With a Beard on the Beach

Having a well-groomed beard can take time to create and is a privilege to own, but now summer is here, we can expect plenty of jet-setting trips to the beach which sometimes isn’t the best news for our facial hair. As much as we enjoy the beach along with all of its perks, our facial hair can be prone to dryness and become more brittle due to the warm rays and salty waves. This doesn’t mean you need to shave it all off in a panic before your holiday though. It’s just a case of switching up your beard care routine for a few weeks before you jet off. Here’s how to ramp up your grooming routine before your beach holiday to ensure that dry, brittle, itchy facial hair stays on the plane.

Protect Your Beach Beard From the Sun

Just like your skin, your beard needs SPF protection too. But before you go slathering on handfuls of white sun screen made for your body, that’s not going to do the trick. Instead, use a SPF protection specially formulated for hair such as the System Professional Solar Sun Oil which prevents damage caused by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Simply spray onto your hair and beard and it will protect from the sun as well as salt and chlorine for moisturised hair!

Protect Your Beard From the Sea

The sea contains a high salt content which dries out your beard and makes it brittle, so it’s important to rinse your beard immediately with fresh water to remove as much sea water as possible.  As soon as you arrive back home, use a beard shampoo to cleanse thoroughly and leave in a beard conditioner for 5 minutes before rinsing out. Once you get out of the shower, use some beard oil to maintain hydration and avoid facial hair frizz.

When packing your beard grooming bag, don’t forget your trusted beard comb or brush and opt for oil over a beard balm. This is because the heat will melt the balm leaving you to apply runny and melted product, messy. After spending time with your beard on the beach, high quality products are essential so we recommend the Billy Jealously Beard Envy Kit and a Men Rock Beard Oil. The kit contains specialised beard grooming products which work hand in hand to craft your beard to perfection. With a beard wash, beard control conditioner and boar bristle brush, this set is capable of grooming even the thickest and driest beards and paired with the Beardsley Beard Oil, you’ll have the healthiest looking facial hair in business.

Keep Your Facial Hair Looking Stylish

Getting out of the sea will more often than not, leave your beard looking a little bit ratty. Running fingers through beard to ‘fluff it up’ will make you appear a little more presentable until you can style it again. It’s also likely that your moustache may begin to sport a melted look due to the heat, which isn’t idea. Keep a moustache wax to hand, such as the Mr Natty Moustache Twizzle Wax, and this will keep your ‘tache perky and tamed all day long.

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