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MK Editors Pick: FIT Skincare

Science and skincare come hand in hand. That might be a bold statement to make, however over at Mankind we believe that the perfect blend of natural ingredients and scientific innovation is the key to a successful skincare brand. FIT Skincare is a male grooming brand that does just that. The team of chemists over at FIT have formulated a unique oxygen delivery system, OXY-FIT-10, which helps to fuel skin cell regeneration by boosting cell respiration. OXY-FIT-10 is present in all products from FIT Skincare, helping to up your game across the board.

What Makes FIT Skincare Different?

All of the FIT Skincare products are serums and ultra serums. As the molecules of serums tend to be smaller, they can more effectively get to the deeper layers of the skin. This means that they can work a lot quicker, whilst also prolonging the benefits of the product.

Many brands have third party factories that formulate and manufacture their products. FIT Skincare on the other hand, have an in-house professional research laboratory that develop and manufacture all their products. This ensures that every product is unique and the result of research, testing and perseverance.

Knowing all of this might make it difficult to know where to begin when introducing FIT Skincare into your routine. Luckily, we have you covered! Below is a selection of some of our recommendation from the range that could easily be introduced into your current regime.

  1. FIT Skincare Moisturising Ultra Serum
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    FIT Skincare Moisturising Ultra Serum

    Providing your skin with a moisture boost has never been easier. Thanks to the FIT Moisturising Serum, you can cover many common skin concerns in a single product. It has a unique blend of ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine, which help to reduce fine lines and dark circles.  For more tips on simplifying your skincare routine, check out ‘Strip Back Your Skincare Routine’.

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  2. FIT Skincare Eyedrate+ Repair Serum
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    FIT Skincare Eyedrate+ Repair Serum

    After a long day grafting, it’s almost a given that you will get tired eyes. This Energising Eye Serum from FIT Skincare helps to combat this issue. Enriched with Cucumber extract, this serum will reduce puffiness whilst leaving a refreshing feeling on the skin. This serum is lightweight, refreshing and absorbs quickly into the skin.

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  3. FIT Skincare Lip Serum
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    FIT Skincare Lip Serum

    The FIT Skincare Lip Serum is a unique and interesting product. Lip Serums aren’t regularly available on the market, but should definitely be added to your routine. You get more benefits than a balm, without the shine. This serum hydrates and repairs lips, whilst maintaining a shine-free look.

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What FIT Skincare product would best fit into your current routine?



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