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A Day with Baxter of California

Last month we had a fantastic time at Huckle The Barber in Shoreditch at an event hosted by Baxter of California, getting to know a little more about the brand, and getting acquainted with their products by testing them out for ourselves. In this post, we recap the events of the day, starting with an introduction to the brand, and a detailed breakdown of the facial treatments and more which we received on the day.

Baxter of California

Baxter of California Pomades

Like most good ideas, the core concept for Baxter of California arose as a solution to a very specific problem. Engrossed in the Surfing lifestyle of California in the mid 60s, founder Baxter Finley found that  long days in the sun and exposure to salt water was wreaking havoc on his skin. But on looking for skincare products to remedy these issues, he found there was nothing on the market aimed specifically at men. From this realisation, he developed a skincare range, which expanded to hair care, shaving products and beyond as interest in the brand grew.

Today Baxter are one the most exciting players in the male grooming world. Their hair products are an exceptional range of styling pomades and clays, which look and smell incredible, while catering to all styles. Their award winning skin and shaving ranges are replete with products to suit all male needs.

A day with Baxter of California

Our day at Huckle the Barber started out with a a facial treatment the Baxter of California Signature Refresh. Beginning with heated towels, the initial stages of the treatment aim to open up the pores. With the heat and moisture of the towels having prepped the skin, the next stage involved a gently exfoliating facial scrub to unblock the pores, a toner was applied to clean away the exfoliating particles, before the hot towels were reapplied. Following this, an eye cream, and oil free moisturiser was applied.

Moving on from the facial, Chris from Huckle was on hand for a tidy up of the back and sides of the hair, as well as using a cut throat blade to neaten edges and remove neck hair. For this a hot towel was used to apply shave tonic, the hair was removed, cleaned away, and a the toner applied to soothe the skin and close the pores.

Get the Baxter Signature Refresh at Home

1. Apply Facial Scrub all over (avoid any facial hair, if you have it), focusing on t zone to gently buff away impurities.

2. Clean face with Herbal Mint Toner using a towel.

3. If you have the means, apply a hot towel infused with Shave Tonic Concentrate to relax

4. Apply Under Eye Complex under the eye area to brighten and smooth dark circles and wrinkles.

5. Apply Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream or Oil Free Moisturizer, depending on skin type.

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