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An Afternoon with Murdock London

Recently some of our Mankind men visited the renowned Murdock London salon for a couple of critical treatments ahead of a very important day. With pre-wedding nerves starting to set in, this groom and best man duo knew that if any salon was going to get them looking ship shape and styled for the big event, it would be the Murdock London salon.

Nestled within a narrow backstreet in Shoreditch, the salon is instantly recognisable for its distinctive striped canopy and bold blue shop front. As soon as the guys were greeted in from the dreary April showers by the fine fragrances of signature Murdock cologne and grooming products, they knew that they were in safe hands. With a natural wooden undertone running throughout the room, the salon brings the fresh and free-spirited feel of the great outdoors to the cosy Shoreditch shop floor.

Murdock Salon

After being treated to a complimentary beer, the best man took to the chair, ready for a full beard shaping session. After a hot towel treatment or two, a shapely beard trim and a soothing moisturiser to finish, it was time for the groom-to-be to try out a traditional wet shave. Complete with a cut-throat razor, the skilled Murdock barber worked into the lather of the quality Murdock shaving cream to get this groom looking picture perfect for his big day.

Fusing traditional grooming tools with modern stylists and formulas is a method that always works flawlessly for the Murdock team. Alongside the two quality treatments, we also got the chance to find out a bit more about the drive and vision of the brand, and got treated to some of Murdock’s top tips for grooming guys everywhere…

Murdock TreatmentMurdock Treatment

Please could you give us a bit of background about Murdock London?
When we established our first barbershop in Shoreditch in 2006, we wanted to re-imagine the masculine luxury of the capital’s Victorian male grooming establishments. An environment for men wanting to release their dapper potential that was less sterile than a unisex salon but still used highly skilled stylists to deliver the finest and latest grooming services.

What does the brand stand for and what are its aims?
We provide a stylish and welcoming haven for a modern gentleman to take the time to relax, have a beer or whisky and build a relationship with his barber. Beyond this, we created our signature, made in England product ranges to allow chaps to make the best of themselves at home.

Murdock Salon

How often would you recommend visiting a barbershop?
It would depend entirely on the service. Some of our bearded clients will come in once a fortnight for a quick beard trim and condition, whereas the average time in-between haircuts for most gents lies between 6-8 weeks.

What is your recommended at-home skin care routine?
Our skincare collection has been specially formulated to effectively cleanse, hydrate and protect. Once or twice a week use Facial Scrub to clear the build-up of dead skin. Cleansing Facial Wash is your starting point on those non-exfoliating days to gently cleanse excess oil and dirt. Once the skin is properly cleansed, you’ll need to restore its freshness and vitality with a small amount of Hydrating Facial Moisturiser. If the perpetual cycle of late nights and early mornings are showing their effect on your eyes, ensure that you use Anti-Aging Eye Serum to reduce the appearance of puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles. One final touch to your facial regime and a trusty product to carry around with you all day is Lip Salve, which contains essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties.

What are your hints for maintaining a beard?
In-between visiting your barber to achieve a tapered, more prominent style and defined shape, keep your beard maintained at home with our essential Marvellous Moustache and Beard Box. It is the complete grooming kit for the bearded man and includes not only the best products for the job but also our expert guides on how to keep your facial hair trim and tidy.

Which Murdock product could your customers not live without?
Our bearded clients would no doubt champion our GQ Award-winning Beard Moisturiser as an everyday essential. It minimises facial hair irritation and combats brittle hair, leaving it soft and healthy. For the non-bearded chaps, our recently released Sea Salt Spray is already becoming a favourite, adding definition, texture & volume to hair with ease.

Grooming Tools

*The following questions were answered by Covent Garden Head Barber Gavin Sharp.

What is your number 1 male grooming tip?
It’s hard to choose just one, there’s a few simple grooming tips that work for every man. ‘Little and often’ for example – get your hair and beard trimmed regularly and don’t let it become overgrown. ‘Quality not quantity’ too – if you’re using a lot of product to tame your hair, you’re using the wrong product. Less can really mean more, work product from the back forwards to prevent overuse of product at the front.

Murdock Cologne

What does 2015 hold for hairtrends and which Murdock products can support these?
I’m noticing a lot of clients growing their hair now. Not full-on ponytails, but more of a Christian Bale circa American Psycho style. The Sea Salt Spray is a great product for achieving this. It is light enough to work in longer hair without leaving a greasy residue. A classic error is using too much.

What does 2015 hold for beard trends and which Murdock products can support these?
I think people have lost the urge to grow as big a beard as possible, it’s more about creating shape. I wouldn’t say beards are out, but big beards are definitely no longer the goal. A problem that most bearded men don’t realise is that if you over-condition your beard, it can hinder the way it holds its shape. I recommend using Beard Shampoo daily to cleanse your beard, and follow up with Beard Conditioner. If it’s a dense, thick beard, use Beard Oil every couple of days and if it’s on the thin side of things use the Beard Moisturiser every other day. The main problem I come across is guys using normal hair shampoo on their beards. It will dry the face out and make it flaky, as it’s meant to remove oil from your scalp, whereas your face is actually much less oily.


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