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Best Skin Care for Men

When it comes to finding the best skin care for men, it’s important to know the man you’re buying for. Whether you’re searching for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, the perfect product is going to depend on so many different things like lifestyle, budget, and the time you have to spend on yourself.

If this is making your head spin, don’t worry, because we’ve compiled a list of men’s skin care products we’re loving this month. To make your life easier, they’re all categorised by the type of man they’d be perfect for.

From the city slicker to the man who loves a touch of luxury, we’ve got you covered. And who knows? You might just learn something new about yourself in the process.


For the low-maintenance lover

In this day and age, skin care is quickly gaining a reputation for being an extensive routine with between three and ten steps. For someone who’s transitioning from splashing their face with water, this can be overwhelming. Although all-in-one products aren’t everyone’s first choice, there’s really no reason you can’t have a cleanser, scrub and mask all in one handy tube.

Vichy’s Normaderm formula might be a three-in-one, but it cuts no corners. This formula delivers everything it says on the tin, rejuvenating your skin and leaving it fresh and free from dirt. What more can a man want?

For the man who wants to treat himself

On the other side of the fence is the man who isn’t afraid to layer toners with serums and essences. He’s happy to treat himself to a luxury product in his quest to find the best skin care for men.

When you’re looking to treat yourself and give your skin the crème de la crème of moisturisers, you really can’t go wrong with ARgENTUM’s indulgent formula. Developed using cutting-edge technology, this face cream is packed full of quality ingredients, including a patented blend of DNA HP and Silver Hydrosol. It’s perfect for improving the appearance of all skin types of all ages, so go ahead and give it a try.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of this luxury range to treat yourself to a complete set.

For the outdoor enthusiast

Skin care might not seem like your priority when you’re out and about scaling cliffs, biking along rough terrain, or catching waves, but every outdoor enthusiast will know the importance of sun cream. Ultrasun’s SPF30 is specially designed for men who see the world as their gym. It’s packaged in a handy spray bottle, making it easy to apply throughout the day for a quick top-up come rain or shine.

Shop more suncare here.

For the urban dweller

City life might bring all the excitement and the bright lights, but sadly it can wreak havoc on your skin. If you’re someone who loves skyscraper living, or just happens to commute through the hustle and bustle, then it’s important you protect your skin from the pollution it’s being exposed to on a daily basis.

Oskia’s ‘City Life’ line is designed for people like you. Creating a shield to ward off environmental damage, your face will be less exposed to the unexpected ravages of a busy street. The brand’s Anti-Pollution Booster really is the ultimate line of defence and a must-have for anyone living the modern man’s life.

For stressed-out skin

Life gets to us all at one point or another, but it’s important to give your complexion that extra bit of TLC if that’s the case. When looking for the best skin care for men who are stressed, you can’t go wrong with a nourishing blend topped off with a dash of aromatherapy. Aveda’s cleanser helps to wash away the dirt of the day, leaving skin looking fresher than before. It uplifts your senses with a stimulating aroma for an all-round mindful moment to kick-start your day.

For the globetrotter

For business or for pleasure, the frequent flyer needs skin care that’s convenient, portable and equipped to enliven skin that’s all tuckered out and jet-lagged. This is what the ‘in Transit’ collection from this works is designed to do.

The brand’s no traces cleansing pads promise no spills in your carry-on while keeping your skin feeling bright and fresh. The camera close-up formula is a handy all-in-one mask, moisturiser and primer, saving you valuable luggage space, while the skin defence treatment calms and protects for a smoother journey.

Shop here to find the best skin care for men on the move.

For the no-nonsense approach

Sometimes all you need is a cleanser and a moisturiser that does exactly what you expect. Cult skin care brand CeraVe specialises in dermatologically developed formulas designed to deliver all the essential goodness your skin needs. Whether your complexion is dry or oily, it’s easy to find a product for you. Every product works with your skin’s natural state of balance, protecting moisture barriers and replenishing those areas that need it the most. A true bathroom staple, you really can’t go wrong.

For those who like to impress their guests

Finally, a man who takes care of his guests is sure to glow in the eyes of all his friends. Make sure your bathroom is well stocked when loved ones come to stay and they’ll thank you for it. Take a look at some of our top hand wash and cream sets that are bound to encourage smiles all round.

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