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Which Kérastase Range Is Right for Me?

Luxury haircare brand Kérastase is a firm favourite amongst many, and we can completely understand why. Previously mentioned in our editors pick, we touched upon the fact that they have a lot of different haircare ranges. Seeing such a large choice can be quite daunting and confusing. If you’re looking to try the brand, or finding that your current choices just aren’t cutting it, you don’t need to guess which ones to try. Instead, complete our quick quiz below to determine which Kérastase range is right for you.

Why It’s Important to Know Your Hair

Even though using any shampoo and conditioner will most likely clean and hydrate your hair, some do it better than others. Not only that, some will work better on other people. For example, someone you know may use one product which they love, yet for you it just doesn’t work that well. This is because of your hair type and porosity. Knowing how your hair dries, feels and acts will make it easier for you to choose the products which will help you to take care of the hair you have, and achieve the hair you want.

Which Kérastase Range Is Right for Me Quiz

Now you know which range is right for you, click here and tick it on the left hand side. From there, you can shop your ideal Kérastase products.



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