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Your Questions Answered with House 99 pt. 1: How to get rid of blackheads and more

Earlier this month, we teamed up with House 99 to give away a bundle of their top products worth over £250. To enter, we requested our followers ask us a grooming related question that they want answered. In this blog post, we reply to some of the best questions we received.

Your Questions Answered with House 99

Question 1: Blackheads

Blackheads are the result of sebum, produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin, combined with dirt, causing a blockage in your pores. This causes a visible black spot at the opening of the pore, sometimes causes pain, and can become infected.

More people are affected by blackheads than not, but fortunately, they’re easy to combat.

The most crucial element to combating blackheads is using a face wash frequently. Use at least once per day, and more frequently if you exercise, as this can cause additional sebum to be produced and exacerbate blockages. Combine it with a rough-surfaced flannel or exfoliating sponge to break down and dislodge the dirt and oil.

The House 99 Purefectly Clean Face Wash is a great product for this as it contains charcoal. When combined with water, charcoal penetrates into the pores, and as it begins to dry, mops up the excess dirt and sebum. When washed away, it takes the dirt and sebum with it.

For an even more intense and effective solution, apply a thorough coating of the face wash to damp skin, and allow to dry in the manner of a face mask. After 3-5 minutes, wash away and find your skin brightened and refreshed.

Question 2: Hair Products

To create a natural look, you need a matte finish product like the House 99 Change it Up Texturizing Clay. Hair clays get their name from their most important ingredient. Kaolin clay, like that found in Change it Up, as well as Bentonite are two common types of clay used in hair products to absorb light and create a gritty, textured, and extremely natural finish.

What makes the Change it Up Texturizing Clay especially effective is that unlike most clays, it applies with ease due to its high fluid content, making it a breeze to create your desired style. Once this fluid has evaporated, the clay’s Beeswax content gives lift, spring, and volume to the hair that sticks around for the whole day. This means that without being sticky or causing clumping, it creates a natural look with a great hold.

Question 3: Beard Gifts

Simply put, you should absolutely check out the House 99 Grooming Kit. Coming with a beard comb as well as the Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm and the Softer Touch Beard Oilit’s a one-stop shop for beard care. The beard balm conditions and softens the hair without leaving behind a greasy residue, while the beard oil imparts an incredible scent and healthy gloss, as well hydrating the skin underneath the beard. A quick application of both in the morning, and facial hair will be kept on point throughout the day.




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