Grooming Editor

Emergency grooming tricks and tips

Being in the know when it comes to grooming habits is always smart. Knowing what to do will mean you won’t have to worry if an embarrassing or uncomfortable situation arises, and having some tricks and tips at your disposal is the best way to go about it. That’s why we’ve compiled these handy grooming tricks to make your life easier.

1. Blemish Control

Everybody experiences spots from time to time, and if you’re prone to minor outbreaks, or you’re afflicted by the occasional monstrous spot, there are few better options than a rapidly acting topical blemish controllers. Typically formulated with stringent acne treatments like salicylic acid, apply directly to the affected areas as soon as you notice it and watch redness reduce, and the spots dry out and clear up in no time.

2. Concealer

For those occasions where skin treatments alone won’t do, concealer picks up the slack. Concealers can form a part of a regular grooming routine, used in the morning to even out your complexion and hide blemishes, it can also be used as a quick fix in a sticky situation. If you need to look good on camera or at an important meeting, or you just want to cover up a blemish at short notice, this is the one for you.

3. Oil blotter sheets

If you have oily skin, you’ll know the struggle of the mid-day shine phenomenon. Our skin follows a natural rhythm throughout the day, and typically from waking up towards the middle of the day we’ll see a sharp increase in the level of sebum produced by the skin. By early afternoon, especially after eating, those with oily skin are often in need of a refresh, but the remove excess oil using water or a cleanser can also strip the nutrients from the skin, leaving it dry and easily irritated. Oil blot sheets come to the rescue in situations like this, blotting away excess sebum without stripping nutrients and moisture from the skin.

4. This Works

The first place you notice the symptoms of sleeplessness is the skin, and all too often we rely on skin care and cosmetics to keep a late night out of view. But long term, sleeplessness takes its toll in ways that are not so easily hidden. In short, all the skin care in the world can’t make up for a life time of poor sleep, so learn to sleep properly. First of all, check out this article on the benefits of sleep, and then check out the range of sleep aids produced by This Works.

5. Sea Salt Spray

Next on our list of grooming tricks is Sea Salt Spray. A pre-styling hair treatment that restores the grip, texture, and if you have fair hair, the granular colouring that is taken from your hair in the washing process. Apply after washing and before blow drying and see how different your hair looks.

6. Face Masks

We’ve recently covered some of our favourite face masks here, but to summarise, face masks offer intensive cleaning or moisturising effects in short bursts. When you remove them from your skin, they take with them all the deep lying dirt, pollutants, and impurities that sit in your skin untouched by daily cleansers.

7. Poo Drops

This one needs little explanation. Nobody likes to leave strong odours in the bathroom, and if you do so in public, it can easily become the source of awkward situations. Avoid embarrassment by dropping a couple of these in the toilet when you’re done.