With Reading & Leeds Festivals and Creamfields both happening this weekend, we thought we’d help you get kitted out to look rockin‘ rather than like a sweaty rocker after a few days without a shower. Have a read of our festival essentials guide to make sure you’ve got everything ready for your festival this summer!

1. Rucksack

Rucksack collage

There’s nothing worse than spending hours in the entrance queue to a festival feeling and well…looking like a pack horse – with bags hanging off each finger and both ears. Invest in a strong and stylish day rucksack to use in combination with a weekend bag. Your day bag will help you carry drinks, snacks and raincoats around safely and comfortably in the day, so you’ll be ready for a full day away from the tent, setting you up nicely for more time enjoying the music!

2. Shampoo

Mankind Shampoo

Shampoo might not seem like a real necessity, and we’re not saying you HAVE to have a shower, but at Mankind we’re sure that on Sunday morning you’ll be searching for something to give you hair a bit of a makeover – especially when you’ll will (almost surely) be the recipient of a flying cup of beer. So take a bottle of shampoo with you, go down to the water tap and give hair a quick rinse, you’ll feel and look so much better for it!

3. Deodorant

 Deodorant stick

As we’re sure you all know, you can’t take aerosols into festivals – but that doesn’t have to mean that you don’t use deodorant. It might be ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ to forget about showering and other home comforts like deodorant, but let’s face it, with lots of dancing around with your arms in the air, we’re sure everyone would appreciate a little deodorant. Pick up a deodorant stick or roll-on, we have a wide range of products that you’ll be able to take in to help disguise the smell of camp-fire smoke and other unappealing festival smells!

4. Sun care

Mankind Sun Care

It’s extremely easy for your skin to burn unexpectedly as you stand at the front of a stage on a sunny day watching your favourite band. Take a small bottle of sun care or moisturiser with SPF to pop on your face/arms in the morning – that will be small enough to carry in your day bag for a top-up in the afternoon. You might not think it’s essential but sun burn could ruin your weekend – trust us, we’re speaking from experience!

5. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Marvis toothpaste

Again, you might think it’s rock n’ roll to leave all your home luxuries behind on a festival weekend, but brushing your teeth will help you feel miles better after a late night, so you’ll be ready for another long day of partying! Try something from our Marvis Toothpaste range for funky flavours to match your alternative festival style!

We hope you all have an awesome time at the festivals you’re going to this summer! Let us know if you’ll be taking any of these festival essentials in the comments box below – you could even post a picture of you using them too!



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