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How to Deal with Adult Acne

People often believe that acne only affects adolescents due to the rapid change in hormones. However, a clinical study has indicated that 40-55% of adults between ages 20 and 40 suffer with adult acne. From oily skin to persistent clusters of spots, it’s incredibly inconvenient and can seriously affect confidence. If you do suffer with it, unfortunately you may not be able to cure it. However, there are measures you can take to get your skin back under control.

What Causes Adult Acne?

A series of factors contribute to the development of adult acne. Once you understand what is causing the issue, it makes it a lot easier to make useful steps towards clearing up your skin. These are the three main variables which make the most difference.

Hormone Changes

If you experience a spike in the male hormone testosterone, it causes oil production to increase. In turn, this extra sebum in the skin can cause clogged pores, resulting in more inflammation and spots. There isn’t much you can do about this spike as it’s often caused by genetics, medication and ageing.


It’s well known that diet has an effect on adult acne, but it’s often blamed incorrectly. Even though eating chocolate, dairy and sugar can leave you with greasy skin, they aren’t the sole cause. In fact, these food items will only aggravate an existing condition rather than create problems alone.


Stress is a contributing factor to hormone changes as it signals the release of cortisol. This hormone also tells your body to produce more oil which again, causes clogged pores and breakouts. It’s important to take the time to relax to prevent worsened acne symptoms.

How to Deal with Adult Acne

Consider The Causes

Now you know the main causes of adult acne, taking them into consideration can dramatically improve your skin. Take the time to relax and de-stress and avoid consuming large quantities of triggering food to change your complexion from within.

Maintain Your Skincare Regime

A daily skincare routine is one of the most important factors to keep skin both looking and feeling healthy. Using a cleanser and toner morning and night will prevent oil build up, keeping pores clean and clear. Opt for a gentle cleanser to avoid stripping the skin of natural, healthy oils. This is because it can cause it to go into overdrive, producing even more oil than before.

Try Supplements

The same way that some foods can aggravate symptoms of adult acne, some consumables improve them. By taking supplements, you can alter your system for internal balance, causing acne relief. We recommend taking magnesium vitamins or the AcnEase Maintenance treatment for visible results.

Get Prescription Medication

If you’ve tried all of the different treatments and skincare regimes yet nothing seems to work, don’t give up. Take a visit to your doctors and explain your situation and they should be able to provide something. Whether that’s prescription medication or a high-tech solution, they’ll work with you to treat your skin.

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