Molton Brown Enchant Bath and Shower

Today is pretty much the last day you’re going to get if you want to order something online for Christmas (will need next day delivery though ;-). I’ve been a bit of a spoil sport this year and ordered 80% of my presents online. The other 20% I got from Mankind and therefore just had to wander down to the warehouse and then pay at customer services. Very lazy I know, but great gifts.


We invested in a large number of Christmas gift sets this year and all in all they’ve gone down extremely well. I went for the Molton Brown Enchant Bath and Shower Collection and the Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath and Shower Collection for my missus. I actually can’t wait for her to open them as they look great and smell divine.


Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower CollectionWe’ve had a massive amount of orders during December and from the sounds of it, more and more people are avoiding the shops and doing their shopping online. After doing a small amount of shopping over the past couple of weekends I can completely understand why. I heard today that Royal Mail are putting on extra shifts to deal with all the packages, which shows how much the online sector has grown since last year. Makes you wonder whether there will be anyone in the town centres next year! Answers on a post card!!



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