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Spa Experiences for Men

Contrary to popular belief, a spa in the modern day is not somewhere visited exclusively by women for pamper days. In fact, the majority of spas offer treatments especially designed for men, whilst some locations are specifically male orientated. Not only are spa experiences for men enjoyable, we believe that they’re essential due to the large array of health benefits.

Benefits of Using the Spa

Taking a visit to the spa improves your health both physically and psychologically. Temperature related treatments improve blood circulation, regulate blood pressure and kick start the body’s detoxifying process. In turn, this strengthens the immune system, improves skin and eases cramps and muscle tensions. Regular visits are also excellent for pain management for chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Some of the psychological benefits include a boost in the production of feel-good hormone serotonin; therefore reducing stress, anxiety and other negative emotions.  Overall you’ll be allowing your body to regenerate more quickly and the combination of these benefits will improve your sleep quality too.

Male Spa Treatments

Now you know what a trip to the spa can do for your health, chances are you now want to know which treatments are available. First of all, there are the spa facilities. Generally you can use these as you please; the typical facilities included are saunas, hydrotherapy pools, hot tubs and steam rooms. If you wish to add to your spa experience, you can book specific treatments in advance. There is a range of massages designed to target particular concerns such as full body, deep tissue and hot stone massages which promote relaxation and combat stress. Other treatments include head massages, facials, body scrubs and wraps, and hands or feet treatments. It’s also becoming more and more common for spa’s to offer grooming treatments such as haircuts and shaves.

Tips for Your Spa Visit

If you’ve decided to go ahead and indulge in a spa experience, there are a couple of things you need to know. First of all, ensure to book your treatments at least a couple of weeks beforehand. Spas tend to get booked up really quickly so booking in advance will avoid disappointment! Some people can also feel uncomfortable about a female or male providing your treatment, so you should be able to make requests when booking.

On the day of your appointment, we recommend arriving at least one hour early. This way, you can use the facilities available to wind down pre-treatment, take a quick shower to freshen up and fill out any necessary medical questionnaires. The luxurious spa at Hale Country Club offers a range of male-specific treatments which we know you’ll become addicted to! The Gentlemen’s Tonic Spa is also a great option for spa experiences for men in London.

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