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Olivier Pescheux Discusses The Zlatan Fragrance

Olivier Pescheux, is a leading perfumer from France. He’s worked on creating some of the most well-known fragrances in the world. We met with him recently at our Zlatan Ibrahimovic Parfums press event to discuss what makes Zlatan’s fragrance stand out from the crowd.

It’s clear to see that a lot of thought went into the range. It’s got Zlatan’s personality in every single drop, and if you check out our interview with the man himself, you’ll see why it’s important for Zlatan to be involved in the whole process.

5 Minutes With Olivier Pescheux

Question: Tell us about the Zlatan Brand

We started the the range with Zlatan 4 years ago, when he used to play for Paris. He came to the office first, we started to smell different aromas together, different perfumes, the idea was to decide what he liked and what he doesn’t like. We built this first perfume, that is called Signature. The idea was really to be sure we are targeting what he likes.

Question: How did the opportunity to work with Zlatan to come about?

The opportunity to work with Zlatan came through Amazing Brands, based in Sweden. They contacted us to see if we could work on a fragrance for a celebrity, they didn’t say at the beginning that it was Zlatan, it was a bit mysterious. Then we started to talk with them and signed the deal to work with Zlatan.

Question: Can you describe the Zlatan fragrance in 3 words?

I would say that the fragrance is authentic, with a strong signature and easy to wear.

Question: What have you learnt from working with Zlatan?

I’ve learnt a lot! First, I discovered someone that I knew is a public guy and I got to know him on a more personal level. I discovered someone who is sweet. Very nice and sweet, he respects the work of the people. It’s been a chance to see that he’s well-known, but very easy to work with. For me it’s a nice lesson, that even if you’re a star, you can be very simple.

Question: For someone looking to buy the fragrance online, what advice would you give?

I would say trust. Trust the brand, trust Zlatan and just try it. I’m sure that if you wear it, you will love it.

Olivier Pescheux is passionate about the range, and it’s great to see that working with Zlatan himself was such a great process. Make sure you head over to Mankind and check out the full fragrance range. Just click here!



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