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Is Man Flu Real? This evidence suggests so…

Is Man Flu real? Quite possibly, suggests an article published by Dr Kyle Sue in the British Medical Journal on Monday. Reviewing the existing science on the topic, Dr Sue argues that there is a compelling case that weaker immune responses in males might have evolutionary advantages.

Sick man blowing nose in bed

Admitting that some of the studies included might come with a degree of author bias, Dr Sue also points to more substantial evidence. The article highlights the higher rate of deaths associated with influenza in males than females discovered by a decade-long US study. Another study in which isolated cells from women had stronger immune responses to common cold virus cultures than cells from men particularly seems to add weight to the theory.

With the paper stressing the need for future research into this topic, and setting out trajectories that research might follow, it could well be the case that soon your long-dismissed complaints might finally be listened to.  

In the meantime, take a look at our top 3 products to help you look fresh, even with a bad case of man flu.

Man in front of mirror touching cheek

1. Moisturiser

Red, dry skin, particularly around the nose and mouth, is a major problem when you’re struck down with man flu. Keep on top of it by keeping moisturiser to hand.

2. Concealer

Moisturiser will treat the redness and dryness, helping you keep it under wraps long term. But, to reduce the impact of the initial symptoms, concealer can be a handy addition. Pick a tone that matches your skin and apply to the worst affected areas.


3. Eye Care

Even if you’ve brought your complexion back to life with moisturiser and concealer, bags under your eyes are a dead giveaway that you’re suffering. Regularly using eye balms to reduce bags and patches is a great idea in general, but it’s essential when you’re under the weather.

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