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The Top Christmas Markets Around Europe

Nothing is quite as festive as exploring Christmas markets. There’s something about little wooden cabins, providing Christmas treats and trinkets, that makes us feel all warm and festive. We use the word ‘warm’ loosely, we know how cold it is. Wrapping up warm, with your favourite scarf, whilst sipping on some mulled wine is the perfect way to spend the evening.

We’ve scoured all corners of Europe to bring together some of the most popular Christmas Markets from across the continent. It might be too late to plan a city break this year, however get your ideas knuckled down and start planning for your adventure next year.

Manchester, England

Manchester quite possibly hosts the UK’s largest collection of Christmas Markets, and each year it just gets better and better. Streets are line with wooden cabins, taking you on a festive journey across European countries. Expect to explore areas inspired by France, Germany and many more. If you’re looking for some Christmas food to amplify your festive meals, Manchester is probably your best option. With it being closer for most people, it’s also still possible that you’ll be able to visit the Christmas markets before the year ends.

Berlin, Germany

As soon as you start searching Christmas Markets online, we can guarantee you’ll come across images of Berlin. The extravegant cabins, adorned with festive lights, are by far our favourite of all the markets around the world. It also helps that due to the weather in Germany, there is a higher chance of exploring the markets in the middle of snowfall. That sounds perfect, right? If you’re looking to try traditional mulled wine, Berlin is the place to be.

Stockholm, Sweden

We’d love to spend a Christmas in Stockholm, quite simply because the climate almost guarantees a white Christmas. We don’t think you need anymore of a reason to visit the markets in the capital of Sweden, however if you do, the markets are the perfect place to get your own little touch of Scandinavian magic. You can also try some traditional Swedish treats including pear cider and Swedish meatballs.

Innsbruck, Austria

The markets in Innsbruck, run from the middle of November until January. This means you still might be able to hop on a flight and celebrate the New Year with some Christmas festivities. The medieval architecture provides the perfect backdrop for festive Christmas trees. If you spend time looking up at the twinkling night sky, you’ll also notice the snow-capped mountains of Nordkette in the background. If you wanted a festive image that even St Nick would be envious of, make sure you visit Innsbruck during the festive season.

Lille, France

Whilst you may be tempted to head to Paris to check out their Christmas markets, there is something special about Lille. This French city sums up the magic of Christmas. Rows and rows of stalls, provide a wide variety of gifts from artwork to hand-crafted wooden toys. Make sure that if you visit, you enjoy the delicate French cuisine, including baked Camembert, and of course, champagne!

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