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Top 3 Coffee Spots in Manchester

On each and every street in Manchester, you’re bound to find somewhere to pick up a cup of coffee with ease. However, with such a large array of places, it can be hard to decide which one to choose. Rather than letting you wonder, we coffee enthusiasts here at Mankind have whittled it down to our top 3 coffee spots in Manchester. This way you can sit back and catch up with friends over a fresh cup of energy.

Interesting Coffee Facts You Probably Didn’t Know…

Not only is coffee brilliant for boosting your energy levels, it’s also effective in aiding weight loss. Caffeine can boost the metabolic rate by 3-11%, making it perfectly acceptable to help yourself to a cake along with your coffee. If that’s not enough, coffee is also a huge source of antioxidants, making it healthy for you too, kind of.


  1. Common

    Opened in 2004, Common is a unique, quirky coffee shop located on Edge Street. They source only the finest of coffee beans from Workshop roasters in London Clerkenwell. Alongside this, they also serve a wide range of meals and snacks from classic breakfasts to flavourful lunches. If you pop in during breakfast time, we recommend you order one of our personal favourites, the smashed avocado on toast.
  2. PLY

    Located in the heart of Northern Quarter on Lever Street, PLY is the ultimate bar and pizza hangout. Complete with an eye-catching mirror tiled woodfired pizza oven, you can order whatever you like and it cooks in just 90 seconds! They also use vegan pizza bases and have a gluten-free option too, making their sourdough pizzas perfect for everyone. If you fancy adding wine or beer, ask the bar and they will recommend the perfect match for your food order!
  3. Ziferblat

    Created to work like an extension of your own home, Ziferblat provides you with cakes, pastries, tea and coffee free of charge. The only thing you do pay for is the time you spend there! Coffee is provided by the 92 Degrees coffee company, who hand roast small batches of coffee beans to ensure you get the perfect cup every time. Each minute you spend there costs just 8p, making it the ultimate place to kick back and relax.

Have you been to any of these places before? Let us know your favourite coffee spot in Manchester over on Twitter: @Mankindcouk.

Images courtesy of: @common_bar, @plymcr and @ziferblatedgest.
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