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MK Editors Picks: Hawkins & Brimble

hawkins and brimble

Here at Mankind HQ, we’re always looking for new and innovative brands. In a market as competitive as male grooming, it’s difficult to make your mark. Many brands are established, and have been around for a while. However, there are a few gems that are popping up that we have high hopes for as the years progress. Our latest favourite is Hawkins & Brimble. Here’s why…

Hawkins & Brimble: What’s Their Story?

Hawkins & Brimble are completely fresh to the market. Founded in 2016, the British grooming brand skillfully blend form and function. All the products from the range are designed to complement your lifestyle, effortlessly fitting into your day. The products are created right here in the UK, using natural ingredients in their formulas. Hawkins & Brimble have revived traditional barber rituals, that inspire pride in masculine traditions.

Why Should You Choose Hawkins & Brimble?

Hawkins & Brimble provide a selection of shaving and skincare products, alongside a collection for beard and hair care. The range delivers protection from the elements and is packed with a delicate fragrance of almond and cocoa. The scent is incredible and gives you a fresh feeling whenever you use a product. Are you a man who know’s what he wants out of his grooming products? If so, this is the range for you.

The collection of products is effortless, yet edgy. If you’re looking for a polished look, that’s a little bit rough around the edges, this is the brand for you.

  1. Hawkins & Brimble Facial Scrub 125ml
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    Hawkins & Brimble Facial Scrub 125ml

    The Pre-Shave Scrub from Hawkins & Brimble helps to soften and prepare the skin, ready for a close and comfortable shave. It’s fortified with Walnut Shell to help buff away dead skin cells, and Sweet Almond Oil to life and condition your facial hair. Whilst it works incredible well before shaving, it’s good enough to use in replacement to your current exfoliator.

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  2. Hawkins & Brimble Shaving Cream 100ml
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    Hawkins & Brimble Shaving Cream 100ml

    Once you’ve prepped your  skin ready for a shave, the Hawkins & Brimble Shaving Cream will help you with your next steps. The cream creates a rich lather, and the lightweight formula allows your razor to glide effortlessly across your face. Since the product is packed full of invigorating Elemi and Ginseng, it gives an uplifting feeling whenever you use it.

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  3. Hawkins & Brimble After Shave Balm 125ml
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    Hawkins & Brimble After Shave Balm 125ml

    A lot of people forget using a post-shave product, however once you try the Hawkins & Brimble Post-Shave Balm, we’re sure you’ll never forget this step again. Enriched with Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil and Vitamin E, this non-greasy balm helps to reduce redness and irritation, whilst providing long-lasting hydration and moisture.

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What products are your looking forward to trying from Hawkins & Brimble? Let us know over on Twitter.

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