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Styling Boat Shoes The Right Way

Styling Boat Shoes The Right Way

Summer is here! Well, for some of us. As the sun shines, you’ll be switching up a couple of things from skincare to fashion. Swapping out your winter coats, for summer shirts. Switching out your summer wardrobe isn’t always an easy task, you can’t just pair the items with whatever you want. We’re turning our attention to boat shoes, also known as deck shoes, and giving you our advice on how to style them.

Why Are Boat Shoes Popular? That’s the question!

Boat Shoes have been a staple in men’s summer wardrobes for a long time. They’re versatile, come in a number of colours and designs, and if styled properly, will work for any occasion. There are so many options to choose from, and it can actually be quite daunting if you’re not too sure what you’re looking for. We’ve broken down our top ways on how you should style your boat shoes, depending on your occasion and the outfit choice.

Styling With Shorts

Pairing a pair of boat shoes with shorts is an easy and effective way to look stylish. Our go to combination is a pair of blue canvas boat shoes, a pair of tan shorts and a light blue Oxford shirt. This outfit is perfect for a stroll down the beach, along the pier, or any summer daily adventure. You could pretty much switch out this style choice with any colour shirt and you’d be good to go.

While you’re strolling down the beach, don’t forget your SPF.

Styling With Chinos

White boat shoes can be a bit tricky to style, however pair them with some navy chinos and a white pol shirt and you’re all set! One thing we love about this combination, is how breezy it is. Opt for a canvas pair of boat shoes so your feet are ventilated, and roll up the hem of your chino for a bit of added style.

Relaxing in a restaurant along the pier? Keep refreshed!

Styling With Jeans

For a smarter look, get hold of some black leather boat shoes, pair them with black jeans and a white shirt. This will be the perfect outfit for a night out during summer. It’s classy, yet casual. Not to mention wearing boat shoes all night is ridiculously comfortable – just make sure you’ve broken them in first!

Ensure your hairstyle lasts all day.

The Do’s And Don’t Of Boat Shoes


  • Be adventurous. Try pairing a single pair of boat shoes with chinos, shorts and jeans. It’s difficult to go wrong.
  • Have both a leather and canvas pair. Canvas work better in the day, leather work better in the night. If you really want to break the boundaries, switch it up.
  • Give your shoes time to breath. As a rule of thumb, try and not wear your boat shoes for more than 2 days in a row. Let them air out and make sure you wear socks.


  • Don’t go sockless! We know, it’s stylish, but it can leave your shoes a bit smelly. We’d suggest getting an invisible pair of socks, to give you the same look without the smell.
  • Please don’t wear them with a suit. We know the comfort will tempt you, but it just doesn’t go. This is probably the only occasion it’s not okay to wear boat shoes.
  • Avoid wearing them straight out of the box. It’s tempting, but they can be a bit uncomfortable until you break them in. Ease your feet into your shoes and you’ll be good to go.



If you take all of our advice, you’ll be set for the summer! What other choices do you have when it comes to footwear?



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