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Take care of your hair: a five-step guide to men’s haircare

Taking care of your hair is important for everyone, but for men, who have a higher likelihood of experiencing hair thinning and loss with age, it’s especially crucial. Too many men fall victim to the mentality that simply washing and occasionally conditioning the hair is enough to ensure that it’s properly protected. But there are plenty of other things that everyone can be doing to ensure their hair is thoroughly taken care of. For this post, we take you through everything you need to take proper care of your hair.

1. Proper nutrition

Not getting adequate nutrition is perhaps the biggest weak point in most men’s haircare regime, but it’s also one of the easiest to fix. You can see major improvements to the thickness and health of your hair simply by making sure you’re consistently getting all the nutrients needed by your body to grow hair.

The range of supplements produced by Philip Kingsley is a simple and effective way to ensure you get all the nutrients you need for optimal hair health every day.

Biotin, a key ingredient in both the Tricho Complex and Biotin Boost supplements, is commonly included in shampoos, conditioners and skin products due to the benefits it has for hair and skin that is brittle, thin, or dry. However, it’s been observed to be much more effective in treating all these issues when ingested.

Deficiency in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, contained in both PK4 and Root Complex is extremely common, as the body cannot synthesise these chemicals itself. Studies have shown that supplementing in Omega 3, by correcting these deficiencies, is a very effective way to slow and combat hair loss and thinning.

2. Pick the right shampoo

Hair thickening shampoos are fantastic products, specially designed to boost, volumise, and nourish hair. Many have mechanisms which stimulate hair growth in men who are susceptible to receding and hair loss. Even those who don’t experience hair loss can benefit from the additional nutrition which thickening shampoos can impart to your hair mean they can form a part of any men’s haircare routine.

Densifying shampoos, and conditioners such as those produced by Kerastase make use of biotin and other ingredients which are extremely effective at nourishing and strengthening hair.

3. Know your conditioner

Conditioners are great for everyone, giving strength and protection to hair of all types, but it’s important to realise which one works best for you. For those with thicker, longer, or generally hard to manage hair, conditioner can be a great way to soften and tame hair, and can be used a few times a week. For those with thinning or finer hair, conditioners are a brilliant way of adding volume and body to hair, but should be used more sparingly and less frequently.

To get the maximum protection, apply conditioner and leave in the hair for 5-7 minutes before rinsing out. If you have less hair, you can get away with conditioning only once every week, or even every other week. If you have longer, thicker hair, you can condition up to 3 times a week.

It’s also worth noting that if you have oily skin, conditioning too much and too frequently can exacerbate this problem. To avoid problems, use a very sparing amount of conditioner, focusing on the middle to the ends of the hair.

4. Treat yourself right

There are plenty of incredible hair treatments on the market, so identifying what your problem areas are and figuring out which treatments work best for you is always going to be a smart approach to men’s haircare.

If you have thinning hair, a scalp treatment like Nioxin System 5 Scalp Treatment is perfect, effectively protecting follicles and preventing damage to hair fibres, and through this, slowing hair loss.

Coloured hair is commonly more susceptible to damage, thinning, and hair loss as well. Picking treatments and daily shampoos such as Pureology Purify Colour Care Shampoo, and Hydrate Shine Max is crucial if you dye your hair.

5. Stand up to the heat

Most of us dry and style our hair using heat occasionally, and for some men it’s a regular feature of their hair routine. But every time you use heat on your hair, you risk doing irreparable damage to your hair’s fibres. For this reason, it’s absolutely crucial that when using heat, you protect your hair using a heat protection spray.

Getting into the habit of using a heat protection spray will help to preserve the natural thickness and strength of the hair, making sure you look your absolute best for longer.

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