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Do guys need to moisturise?

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The answer to that is simple; yes, yes we do.  If you’ve got aspirations of being the next George Clooney then water and soap alone just won’t cut it; and picking the right moisturiser can be tricky and often pricey, especially if your new to the face care routine and aren’t quite sure what your skin needs.

Luckily ManCave have an option which I personally think ticks all the boxes, along with a complimentary range that helps look after your body and hair too.

I’ve been fairly set in my ways with what I do and don’t use when it comes to face products, but for the past month I’ve been using ManCave Protective Moisturiser and I have to say, I’ve genuinely noticed a difference.  It’s understated in comparison to some of the competition, in both appearance and properties, but I think that’s what gives it it’s charm.  It’s designed to care for a man’s skin, protect it from the sun and stop early signs of aging – it doesn’t profess to reverse the years; it simply looks after your face in the now.

The scent I was a bit unsure of at first as it lacks the intensity I’ve been used to, however it’s almost nostalgic in a way as it takes me back to the days of the Sunday night bath before the next week of school starts; and in the end I actually like it as it means that whatever cologne I choose to douse myself in isn’t fighting for attention.

Textually it’s great, the Shea butter and Jojoba oil add a luxurious richness whilst the aloe vera sooths at the same time; and in the current weather it’s been perfect as my skin really dislikes sun cream, it’s too greasy and the addition of SPF 20 here works very well and keeps me protected out and about without a shiny head.

I mentioned complimentary products, one I’ve been using is the Cedarwood shower gel, again, the texture here is thick and feels much more expensive than it actually is; giving the feeling of a super smooth and moisturising shower with a peppery and woody scent that really helps to wake you up!

I think value for money and the quality of the products on offer is one of the lasting impressions I would get from ManCave; I haven’t come across a range yet that has managed to balance quality, results and price so well; it’s unfussy and uncomplicated approach to male skincare and body care is a winner for me all day long.



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