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Combat Baldness – why we love Nanogen Thickening Fibres

At Mankind, we know the importance of looking your best. The role looking good plays in a man’s sense of self-confidence is often downplayed or overlooked. As well as this, its benefits extend beyond looking younger and more appealing. Boosting your confidence by looking good can have carry over to your professional life and general sense of wellbeing.

It’s for this reason that we at Mankind believe everyone should have access to the things that make them feel and look better. And that’s why we love Nanogen Thickening Fibres.

Nanogen Thickening Fibres

You can see our full breakdown of the product here. But, for the totally uninitiated, Nanogen Thickening Fibres effectively combat the visible effects of receding or thinning hair. Binding to your hair on application, Nanogen Thickening Fibres add volume, colour and hold to your hair. This gives the external impression of a fuller head of hair which lasts the day.

Man checking out his hairline, concerned with hair loss.

Baldness, thinning, and receding hair affects an enormous number of people. 60% of males will have experienced some hair loss by age 35, and in 40% of cases, the hair loss is noticeable. Depending on genetics, it can affect men from as early as puberty, but even those that cling to their hair long into their 20s or 30s may find themselves suddenly receding in middle age.

While male pattern baldness is the predominant cause of hair thinning and hair loss, it’s defintiely not the only reason. Hair loss can affect women as well as men, and can be brought on or exacerbated by stress, hormonal changes, and in some cases as a result of autoimmune disorders.

Many types of people suffer hair loss for many reasons. So, it follows that no one solution will be the right choice for everyone. Many sufferers of hair loss do not feel that expensive hair treatments or going under the knife is right for them. If this applies to you, Nanogen Thickening Fibres offer an affordable solution that doesn’t require any medical intervention.

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