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MK Editor’s Picks: Alpha-H

When it comes to skincare, you should always invest in high quality products to ensure you’re getting the very best treatment. It’s important to look into targeted treatments to maintain a healthy complexion and prevent ageing and skin issues. Alpha-H is one of our top choices to care for your skin, making them our next editors pick.

Alpha-H: What’s Their Story?

Australian brand Alpha-H bridges the gap between invasive treatments and over the counter products. As leaders in exfoliation, they’re committed to achieving clinical results with minimal effort. Formulated using a balanced combination of cosmeceutical and natural ingredients supported by scientific evidence, they ensure that your skin remains healthy 24/7.

Why Should You Use Alpha-H?

With their range of award-winning, cult products, Alpha-H work to dramatically improve your skin with ease. Offering results-driven formulas, the products are multi-functional and are designed to be sustainable solutions to chronic skin conditions. Using their range will help you to maintain your skin’s health for a youthful, nourished complexion.

  1. Alpha-H Liquid Laser Concentrate
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    Alpha-H Liquid Laser Concentrate

    Liquid Laser Concentrate is an advanced, non-invasive anti-ageing serum. Using an advanced, low pH delivery system, it helps the skin to resist age-induced skin changes. With a weightless, light velvety gel serum texture, it provides long-lasting hydration and skin-firming benefits. Formulated with plant extracts, antioxidants, natural AHAs and hexapeptide Juveleven, it stimulates natural hyaluronic acid production by over 211%.

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  2. Alpha-H Liquid Gold
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    Alpha-H Liquid Gold

    Liquid Gold is a powerful night-time firming and resurfacing lotion. As the brand’s cult hero product, this exclusive complex helps all skin types, including sun damaged skin which has suffered with pigmentation issues. Working to tighten enlarged pores, it jump-starts skin metabolism for a clearer, lighter and more even skin tone. Acting as an overnight facial, this award-winning product dramatically revitalises tired skin.

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  3. Alpha-H Vitamin B Concentrated Serum
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    Alpha-H Vitamin B Concentrated Serum

    The Vitamin B Concentrated Serum is an anti-ageing formula designed to maintain youthfulness. Containing ferulic acid, chia seed, omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, niacinamide vitamin B3 and copper tripeptide, it defends against daily environmental aggressors. Fighting fine lines and wrinkles whilst brightening and refining the skin to combat uneven skin tone, it improves skin elasticity for plumped, energised skin with improved tone and texture.

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