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Learning about Anti-Ageing Skincare with Baxter of California

Baxter of California are well known for their outstanding hair styling products, here at Mankind we’re huge fans of their skincare range too. In this post, we take you through the key elements of an anti-ageing skincare routine using their skincare range.

The signs of ageing are a concern for a huge number of men, but it’s less common for men to know all the crucial steps to take to ensure you’re combating the ageing process.

This routine lays the foundation for you to fight against skin damage and ensure youthful, clear, and healthy skin for as long as possible.

Anti-ageing skincare with Baxter

Youthful, healthy skin is built with consistency, and without consistency, simply collapses. A regular routine that combines the essential pillars of skincare, but is adapted depending on your skin’s response to weather, hormonal changes in the body, and environmental factors.

In order to maximise anti-ageing effects, both a morning and night-time routine are necessary. Check these out below.

Daytime anti-ageing routine

Step 1. Exfoliate with the Baxter Facial Scrub – This step should be done 1-3x per week, or more if you require. Sloughing off dead skin cells, and unblocking pores, view this more as a maintenance step, as it allows for your skin to flush out dirt, grease and pollutants more easily, as well as absorb nutrients more readily.

Step 2. Use the Baxter Daily Face Wash – This must be done every day. It’s the basic step to remove the free-radical carrying, oxidising pollutants which are partially responsible for the ageing process.

Step 3. Dab a small amount of Baxter Under Eye Complex around your eyes – The skin around the eyes is one of the first places to starts to show signs of wrinkling and losing firmness. Using a caffeine rich, hydrating eye cream will not only help to reduce dark circles around your eyes, but will plump the skin by drawing moisture into the skin cells.

Step 4. Oil Free Day Moisturiser – For comfort purposes, but also to prevent blemishes in those with oily skin, using a lightweight, faster absorbing moisturiser is preferable in the day. As well as firming the skin, moisturisers form a protective barrier against external aggressors, slowing the process of oxidisation which contributes massively to ageing.

Night time anti-ageing routine

Step 1. Use Face Wash, or Cleanser – Cleansers, slightly more aggressive than face washes, can be used 1-3x per week as needed, but for most days, a face wash is all that’s necessary. Do this to help to remove surface dirt before the next steps.

Step 2. Use the Baxter Herbal Mint Toner  Toner is often overlooked by men, but is an absolutely vital step to protecting your skin. Toner is especially good at removing the pollutants which accrue on your skin throughout the day, which wreak havoc if you leave them on your skin overnight. Apply the toner to a clean towel or cotton pad, before wiping your face, focusing on areas such as the t-zone, around the eyes, and neck. Building this into your routine consistently will have a huge payoff in the fight against ageing.

Step 3. Apply the Baxter Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream – This supercharged anti-ageing moisturiser is perfect for night time use, delivering intense benefits which will continue to act on the skin throughout the night. You’ll wake up with your skin looking and feeling unbeatable.

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